Big tunes from the big hitters…

Homostash’s Pavline, Carly Foxx and JVP unveil their hot 10’s ahead of this Saturday’s Berlin Berlin party at Egg Ldn where Homostash go head to head with the Pornceptual performers in The Loft, where elsewhere Berlin’s Chalet Club, Sisyphos Club and Save Us Records crews takeover aided by wild performances from Marnie Scarlet, Beatrix Carlotta, Ruby Bird, Syban and Cynth Icorn. All info at

Soundstream – 3rd Movement
Soundtream takes the art of disco sampling to the next level. I recommend checking all his records!

Over and Over – T.S.O.S.
I’m not really sure who T.S.O.S. is. I discovered that track on the CD mix by Prosumer on Ostgut Ton a few years ago but it has not lost any of its amazingness with time!

A Day’s Reality – Felix Dickinson
I heard him DJing a few months back in London and it was so good. I checked if he produced anything and I found this newly released classic Chicago sounding tune with legendary Robert Owens on the vocals!

Zambomba – Ferenc
A classic yet powerful sounding techno track released on the mythic German label: Kompakt. It develops in a slow crescendo and the best comes at the end when the pounding piano chords come together with the hand claps!

House Train  (New York Mix) – Risse
Once upon a time in 1987, house music was not taken itself too seriously and you could add the sound of a steam locomotive at the start of track called ‘House Train‘. Classic house track from Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley’ from 1987.

Trans (Disdromo Remix) – Man Power
Bewitching slow burner remix by Berlin masters for all things deep and disco: Discodromo!

Muzik Xpress – X-Press 2
Another house classic that I rediscovered recently by British duo X-Press 2.

Your Love Away (with Jules Etienne) (Instrumental Bonus) – Masimilano Pagliara
This great instrumental came as a bonus with the purchase of “With one another” by Massimiliano Pagliara, one of the best electronic music LP from last year.
Michael The Lion – 909s and Herb
I bought this vinyl for the edit of Diana Ross’ classic “The Boss”. On the B-side, I discovered that amazing track with a funny title and a funny featuring. It is actually an edit of Rise by Herb Alpert.

Talking Jungle (Justin Vandervolgen Remix) – Soft Rocks
The piano and the percussions are so great on that track by the quatuor of DJs from Brighton. The perfect track to call it a night smoothly!

Pavliné, Carly Foxx and JVP head up London’s Homostash DJs who go head to head with Berlin’s Pornceptual performance artists at Berlin Berlin on Saturday April 2nd at Egg Ldn. Music comes from the Chalet Club’s Aquarius Heaven Live + DJs Frag Maddin & The Das plus Sisyphos’ Jonty Skrufff, Fidelity Kastrow & Juli.N More plus Save Us Records’ Sasse, Vonda7 & Andrea Ljekaj with performances from Beatrix Carlotta, Cynth Icorn, Marnie Scarlet, Ruby Bird and Syban. All info on