Trainspotting with Ples Jones

1. Ples Jones & Kerry Reeve  – A New Life – Exceptional Music

I made this tune with a positive chord progression and a subtle amount of funk in the drums to give it a vibe. Kerry Reeve from Scotland has such a soothing yet powerful voice, which gave the tune its energy.

2. David Walters – Kyre Mwen (Aroop Roy Mix) – Heavenly Sweetness

This vibe on this is just infectious! I love how it builds in funkiness and the vocals are groovy and smooth.

3. Hatraias & Sebb Junior – Undisputed Queen of Disco – Milk & Sugar Recordings

I’m a huge fan of Jackin House. This just has great samples and a piano house energy that will entice you to the dance floor! Even if that is in your kitchen, lol!

4. Lebedev (RU) – Club Rockin – Rhythm section

I like how this reminds me of Hip Hop dope samples and it has a solid drum pattern that will keep your head bobbin.

5.  Magnifik, MCKY – Let It go – Let It Go (Soledrifter Remix) – Bobbin Head Music

Great remix by Soledrifter, the sultry vocals add a special magic to this mix!

6. DIVA feat Octahvia – Moreno Pezzolato – Downtown Undergroundv
FIRE! This tune has the peak time energy with those 90s power vocals! A must have!  

7. Ples Jones & Late Nite Vegas – Give Me Life – Exceptional Musicv  

Sophisticated House. That was my goal with this tune, a smooth and chilled vibe that can be played on fashion runways and backyard BBQ’s. Late Nite Vegas brings his silky sexy vocals that complete the vibe.

8. Genetic Funk – Set Me Free – Grounded Records

One word FUNKY! This track gets the booty to shake! The chunky beats and breaks downs are dope and the samples are spot on.

9. Sebas Ramis feat. Sabrina Chyld – Fallen (Richard Earnshaw Remix) – Puro Music 

I love the organ vibe on this! Earnshaw delivers a proper remix that makes you move.

10. Marco Berto feat JInadu – Slippin Away (Vocal Mix) King Street Sounds

You will slip away into musical bliss with this one, it morphs deep, tech and vocals into infectious energy. I love it!

‘Give Me Life’ will be released on Traxsource promo September 4th / Full release September 18th 2020 on Exceptional Music.