Trainspotting with Rancel

Sandoz – Dark Continent [Tone 4]

This track gives me a very positive energy. Sandoz creates a perfect combination of groove and harmony that I’m in love with.

Sandoz ‎– Dark Continent [Tone 4]

Freaky Chakra – Halucifuge (Freaky Chicken Peck)

I’ve always loved this track to raise the intensity of my sets, its rhythm is incomparable. I really like it when the track starts to slow down in energy, it gives me a way to mix it with another track that has an explosive bassline.

Freaky Chakra Halucifuge Freaky Chicken Peck


Deluxe – Futura [UVR-02-01-2]

One of my favourite tracks, it works great on the dancefloor. It has an incredible energy and drives everyone crazy!

Deluxe - Futura [UVR-02-01-2]


The Outsiders – Beyond The Ego (Warp Factor 9 Mix)

It’s a lovely track, I love its bassline, its groove and above all the melody that surrounds it. Impossible not to tap your feet while you listen to it.

The Outsiders - Beyond The Ego (Warp Factor 9 Mix)


P.K.A. – Blipsync

I love the energy it has, plus it works really well on the dancefloor because it’s impossible for anyone not to know that tune


Basement Space – Sunday Dreams [SL027]

This track is much more contemporary than all the others but I wanted to add it here because the production is exquisite. That breakbeat sounds spectacular, the harmony is incredible, the scratching samples are placed in just the right place to create a perfect groove and the sub bass hit that comes in at the break is like an earthquake. 10/10.

Basement Space - Sunday Dreams [SL027]

Terry Francis – Hannah’s House

A perfect dub for me! I really like it when I play it a bit lower BPM, especially for warm ups.

Buzzthrill – Soul Music (Get On Your Funkin’ Knees Mix)

I love to dance to this track at home, with the speakers blasting. I really like the vocals and when that bass comes in after the breakdown… I feel goosebumps.

Buzzthrill - Soul Music (Get On Your Funkin' Knees Mix)


The Broox – Prance [1994]

Pure nostalgia. Its melody makes my pulse race when I listen to it and I can’t stop dancing.

The Broox - Prance [1994]

Mari Kvien Brunvoll – Everywhere You Go (Villalobos Celestial Voice Resurrection Mix)

I wanted to leave this track for the end because it means a lot to me. I used to dance to this track with my father and we would talk about it together. That clean groove, the sub bass perfectly placed so that the track bounces… Mari Kvien Brunvoll’s voice is delicate and the effects that Ricardo plays with throughout the track make it even more special. I’ve listened to it on loop for hours, masterpiece.

Mari Kvien Brunvoll - Everywhere You Go (Villalobos Celestial Voice Resurrection Mix)

Rancel ‘The Beach Breaks Secrets’ is out now