1. Velvet – Vlad Jet – Lauter Unfug

One hundred percent track that swings the dance floor thanks to the bright groove, embellished with ethnic elements of percussion. Dark leads, bright plucks and powerfull atmosphere do their job in this track.

2. Dissection – EdOne – Innervisions

The space track is what I can say about this. The techno rhythm is diluted with cosmic energy. Great thing for peak hours.

3. Hoydelight – Affkt – Mobilee Records

This guy holds his style. He always knows what is needed for a rich sound. Modulated synth keeps at the peak of emotions throughout the track.

4. Same as It Never Was – Each Other – DEEWEE

A delightful track, reminiscent of the slightly dark motifs of Berlin techno. A great theme for the after-party in this tune is felt.

5. Sansara – Vlad Jet – Disco Halal

Sansara combines all kind of melodic elements with such a brilliant taste and magnificent production skills. Electronic bass, ethnic percussion, cosmic pads and dreamy synth lines create a something big to devastate weapon those late-night floors.

6. Dominator – Kalipo, Local Suicide – Hold Your Ground 

Assertive work sounds like old-school tracks. A chic voice adds energy to this track for a better perception of his ideas.

7. Rave Dave – Theus Mago – Pets Recordings

This work reminds of minimal techno in its best traditions. The name speaks for itself, the track really boosts the rave.

8. Visual Distortion of Reality – Whitesquare – Life And Death

One of my favorite tracks over the past few months. It really needs to be heard. Deep bass and drums, high-frequency percussion and very bright electronic synths. The recipe for this masterpiece.

9. Anthem – Indieveed – Disco Halal

Gorgeous rhythmic parts, a very interesting opening synthesizer, flavoured with a competent melody make it a truly outstanding track. The work is done perfectly. 

10. Last Night – Benjamin Fröhlich feat. Dreamcast (Marcus Worgull Remix) – Permanent Vacation

Marcus Worgull decided not only to remix but also add the magic Dreamcast`s voice. The track immerses you so much that the main thing is not to forget to return to reality. They probably knew what they were doing.

Vlad Jet – Velvet (Incl. Cross & Avocado Mix) is released on February 17th 2020 on Lauter Unfug.