Transporting with Sam Skilz

Luxembourg DJ, Producer and GaGa Records label owner Sam Skilz has pioneered his own distinct sound over a colourful career which has paved the way for a warmer, more melodic, sound to emerge. Sam has a plethora of releases under his belt on major labels such as Sony Music, Virgin Records, Warner music and Wagram, along with remixes and productions for the likes of Hed Kandi, Urbana, Just Music and more. Sam’s own label GaGa Records has put out over 100 releases. His productions ‘Rise’ and ‘Underworld’; ‘Behind The Doors’ alongside his partner Miss MAD; and ‘Gifted’ with DJ Peisch, have seen Sam explore the darker, melodic side of electronic dance music.

As Sam releases his hot new progressive house single, ‘Journey’ with Emory Toler, DMCWorld invited him to go Trainspotting…

1 Sam Skilz feat. Emory Toler – Journey (Original Vocal Mix) – GaGa Records
I’ve included this as it’s my most recent collaboration with Emory Taler, a New Yorker who delivers an upbeat vocal, calling for unity and positive change. 
Sam Skilz feat. Emory Toler - Journey (Lyric Video)

2 Veko Swan & Jossteel – Genus Vitae (Original Mix) – XTR Records
This track is well-balanced with a stuttering bassline, lovely synthesizers, and a light percussive swing. This track’s production and mood are great, and I really like the space and fluidity of the production.

3 ARTBAT – Horizon (Original Mix) – Upperground
I’m a big fan of a lot of ARTBAT’s work, so this is just another wonderful piece of music to add to their collection.
ARTBAT - Upperground (Original Mix)

4 Eddy Tango – Nova (Cary Crank remix) – Sunexplosion Records
A great, funky and dark track with some excellent oddness, courtesy of Cary Crank.
5 Cristoph & Artche Illusions (Original Mix) – Pryda Presents
A wonderful voice trip with a music that builds and builds. Kind of track for a never-ending dance experience.
6 SUB-X – What do You Do To Me (Extended Mix) – Positiva
Simply said, this is a fantastic remix of a classic tune. It has a really lovely laid-back vibe with their signature voices.
7 Eli & Fur – Wild Skies (Marsh Extended Mix) – Anjunadeep
Floating in space… The soft voice combined with the somewhat stinging synths give this track an out-of-this-world peaceful atmosphere.
8 Stan Kolev – Moira (Oroginal Mix) – Outta Limits
Another successful reconstruction from Stan. This comes with an inspirational energy, outstanding progressive house production and beautiful vocals!
9 Rauschhaus – Chrom (Original Mix) – Parquet Recordings
This is simply great music; I like the bassline, the rhythm, and most importantly, the synth melody that surrounds it. It’s impossible not to tap your feet when listening to it.
10 Prophecy – Mangata (Extended Mix) – A Bird Called Peter
This song for me is captivating. Prophecy is brilliant with well-crafted synths, an inviting depth in it’s progression and very cheeky, yet hypnotic vocal touch.
Sam Skilz feat. Emory Toler – Journey is out now on GaGa Records