1. ‘Silent Shout’ –  The Knife

Would love to see these guys live. Apparently it’s some crazy kind of dance show so maybe one day.


2. ‘Travel In Mind’ – Moerback feat.WYAD

Out of this world track with a great sample.


3. ‘Devils Elbow’ Max Cooper Remix – Nick Warren

I think Max Cooper is a genius .


4. ’Dreams of A Solo’ Trevino Remix – Roberto

Enjoyed everything Trevino put out last year 10/10.


5. ‘Isbjorn’ – Akzidenz Grotesk

A classic and I wonder what ever happens to this guy.


6. ‘Submerge’ – Andre Galluzi (Ovum)

The perfect groove


7. ‘Lady Science’ – Soul Capsule

I forgot about this for a minute and found it on a old hard drive. I love it.


8. ‘Get It Til It’s Gone’ – DJ Qu

Only for busy big room dance floors.


9. ‘The Beat’ Accapella – Sam Paganini

I use a lot of accapellas in my sets to give a little more energy to certain tracks this is great.


10. ‘Sawala Sayale’ – Theo Parrish

I love playing this over over tracks for a African/Latin feel.


Kyle E is one of the resident DJs at Egg London and catch him alongside Metodi Hristov this Saturday January 7th with Ireen Amnes. Kyle E also joins the cast at Berlin Berlin with Andre Galluzzi, Okain, Ruede Hagelstein, The Sorry Entertainer, Peter Schumann, Jonty Skrufff Fidelity Kastrow and Juli.N More on Saturday January 21st 2017.

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