“Friends don’t just communicate, they just understand each other.“ – Ernst Zacharias

Meet DJ and production duo D!E ZWE! (Aka Thorsten Maier and Erwin Kelemen), who through their deep musical bond are responsible for some of the freshest new sounds to rumble out of  Stuttgart! Ratha Gud checks in with the big chums… 


Hi Thorsten and Erwin, welcome to DMCWORLD. Where are you in the world right now?

Thank you very much. At  the moment we are in the beautiful Black Forrest, Germany preparing some new sounds for Autumn.

What was the first piece of music you heard today?

Fat Sushi – Citadell Was It Today.

How would you describe D!E ZWE!’s sound?

Our sound is powerfull and fueled up with energetic drive.

What first turned you on to making electronic music?

Thorsten: At my cousins place, I saw first time what was possible with an Atari.

Erwin: I always liked the instrumental versions of the tracks in the Late 80´s, so it was not a surprise that I loved the upcoming electronic scene in the early 90s.

You’ve got your new EP ‘Tekuno Impulsivo’ dropping soon on Lauter Unfug which has been supported by Pete Tong, no less. Tell us about the release?

‘Tekuno Impulsivo’ is our first own single on Lauter Unfug. The tracks on it are born through the vibes that we feel when we play our sets together. It was a lot of fun to realise this vibe into music.

There’s also remixes from Beatamines and ICS, you must be quite pleased with the results?

The results are amazing! Beatamines pushes his version with more drive and we love it. ICS took out the drive from ‘Tekuno Impulsivo’ and create a deep chilling monster, we love both of them!

Preview here :

Who are your top 5 producers right now?

Fat Sushi, Umami, Haste Midi, Dole & Kom and Stephan Bodzin.

Who would you most like to make a collaboration with?

Thorsten: at moment with Fat Sushi I would like to start a Cooperation. The sound of them is the one that we like to play.

Erwin: If I had the chance my choice will be with Dole & Kom.

What’s the most essential piece of studio kit to D!E ZWE!’s sound?

The two elements that we can´t without at moment are the Moog Sub37 and definitely Dave Smith Pro2.

What are the positive and negatives about working together as a duo?

The positive side is that we have a lot of fun together and always directly a feedback from each other. The negative side is if one of us don’t like the sounds from the day before, so sometimes all sounds have to be reworked.

Do you argue?

Thorsten: Yes we discus a lot! I´m talking more.

Erwin: Oh yes, we discus. I am more the thinker and I think Thorsten talks sometimes too much.


What are you proudest moments?

The proudest moments are when you see the crowd going crazy to your music!

What city has been you favourite place to play and at what club/festival?

The most beautiful of places for is the Freiburg with the Sea You Festival.

What are the best clubs to go to for House and Techno in your home town of Stuttgart?

Kowalski and Finca are our clubs of choice at moment.

Will you be at ADE?

Yes we will! We will celebrate with our buddies from Lauter Unfug on Sunday 23rd October at The Tara, alongside other label artists.

Name a record that makes you say “damn, I wish I made that!”

Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy – Atlas EP

What’s your guilty pleasure record?

Maceo Plex – Solitary Daze

Finally what’s coming next from D!E ZWE!?

A new release on Style Rockets and a remix for Chook on Lauter Unfug. Also on some other work for other labels, but this is top secret at moment.

‘Tekuno Impulsivo EP’ will be released on August 28th 2016 on Lauter Unfug