DMCWORLD checks in with the Vancouver-based electro R&B duo as their year continues to explode…


Welcome to DMCWORLD guys. ‘My Feelings’ marks your third release of 2019 already – but the big news we hear is of a new album?

Definitely! Our album drops next month – April 12th is the big day.

Have you had a good response from ‘My Feelings’ so far in the music community?

Ya…the response has been great considering it’s only been out for a few days. Receiving a number of great playlists on Spotify right out of the gate also was nice to see. We’d also like to thank everyone for sending videos into our Instagram.

Can you talk about any new music or collaboration with other artists you have coming up?

Through-out the last year we’ve meet a number of cool producers online (JaFunk, Niko The Kid, Giuliano Rascan, B Bravo, El Train, Mogul, Dom Corleone, to name a few) that we had the pleasure to make music with. These releases will be included with the new albums. There’s 16 tracks of all the latest stuff we’ve been working on.

Is there currently a big dance-R&B movement in Canada, have you seen a leap in it’s popularity over the years?

Unfortunately, not really in Canada recently. That’s why many of our colloborations right now are from all over the world including the US, UK, France and Germany.  There is a lot of cool electronic music producers coming out of our hometown though.

Your tracks are quite varied in their styles – are you open to all kinds of sounds and sub-genres?

Yes, as we produce and DJ a lot of music, we’re constantly evolving and trying to keep things fresh.
We love experimenting with new sounds.

Where can we catch you performing over the coming weeks and months?

We have a number of shows in the works, but we’re most excited about our hometown album pre-view party April 5 as well as our first shows in the UK at the Great Escape Festival in May…

PLEASURES is out on April 12th  via 604 Records