Coming from Italy, Y-DAPT combines sub bass frequencies and groovy dance floor moments in his productions. Taking inspiration from production set ups such as Gorillaz and The Chemical Brothers, he has built on showcasing his abilities through releases such as ‘Want You’ and ’No Doubt’ by proving its not only his production style that steps out of the box, but also an aspect of his personality, as his Y-DAPT project takes the physical form of a trippy Chameleon. DMC World caught up with him to discuss his reasons behind the Chameleon head, aspirations and his latest ‘Love And Lust’ EP.

First, we must ask –who is Y-DAPT?

To me Y-DAPT is an alter ego, the visual reflection of my music ideas and world view. To me this avatar is more of an ambassador rather than a “masked producer” and through his character I could have this vision better represented! Also “why adapt”? I think it is a crucial question these days where everything changes so quickly and it’s really hard to adapt. Y-DAPT represents this continuous transitioning from colour to music as an adventure.

Where are you from? Do you think your location or hometown has had any influence on your sound or passion for music?

I’m originally from a city very close to Milan in Italy and yes, I guess the place I grew up had a big influence on me, in a weird way. I kind of never felt truly aligned to what was going on around me butwas lucky enough to find ways to connect with the world though arts and music. I’d say that Y-DAPT’s music came out almost as an attempt to actually escape my physical reality, an attempt to sound international and futuristic while keeping it genuine.

‘Love & Lust’ is your second EP with your debut being last year. Please can you tell us a bit about the release? I wanted to keep on discovering that sonic ‘Dimension’ I created, so I thought the second chapter had to be a representation of all aspects of it: night and day, Yin and Yang, Love And Lust. As you’ll hear the EP is spliced into two sides; one more dreamy and sonically bright, and the other about late night temptations and moodier tones. Portraying this from one spectrum of the EP to the other. It’s been a tough year and took a lot of efforts for me and the Flowing NRG team to pull this out, so I’m happy to say it is finally out!

What else is in the pipeline? Tell me about your forthcoming releases…

First of all, (and the news just got in) there will be remixes from Love And Lust EP! First one if from Garruk and it’s coming out November 20th 2020.I’m also back in studio and already working on originals, remixes and collaborations with Italian artists. There’s still much to do, so bare with me!

There’s a blend of genres spanning from house, electro, breaks and bass in your sound. How did you come to develop this sound? What are your inspirations?

Exactly, my music is a blend of many genres and styles that keep me, and the team constantly inspired. I’ve always been in love with what’s pure and stylish, regardless the genre. I listen to any kind of music… from the past to present days and from classical to rave music! (I’m sure music passionates know what I’m talking about). Y-DAPT is my dance music playground, the translation of my feelings into the shape of dance music through cowbells, synths and good ol’ samples.

You present yourself with a Chameleon head, hiding your real the identity. What’s the mindset behind this?

The chameleon head has something to do with my love for all aspect of entertainment arts; Concept, music and visuals work simultaneously at 360 degrees in this project. Also, working as a fictional character puts me in a more profound mindset for creation and production. The Y-DAPT story is a reflection of mine but I guess in a more romantic and colourful way!

How have you been spending your time over the last number of months whilst the pandemic has been ongoing?

I think we all agree that the latest months have been unreal but I’m happy I found the time to connect with my (new) community and friends; I’m surfing this pandemic trying to keep a positive attitude and keeping myself as busy as I can. I’m mainly working, producing and setting up a new studio/headquarter for Flowing NRG in Milan, this will take time and effort but I’m very excited about it!

Do you miss performing and DJing? Will the scene recover in your opinion?

I’ve performed very few gigs as Y-DAPT but did perform under other alias; My DJ soul is definitely suffering these months;I really feel something’s missing about all that wonderful club energy. Y-DAPT was ready to perform when unfortunately, all this happened, I’m sure the entertainment industry will not necessarily come back to “how it was” but it will remould into something new and through new exciting ways, it’s on us.

Is there anything you would change about your beginnings? Where do you want to go as an artist & what are your aspirations?

This project started for fun in my basement producing with Ableton Live and a handmade papermâchéof a chameleon helmet. I wouldn’t change that otherwise the project wouldn’t be here, but I still consider myself at the beginning, lots of things can still happen and there’s always room for change in music! I hope I’ll be able to inspire more and more people with my sound and vision while constantly evolving and growing up along with the audience. One last dream: making an album and a live performance with instruments!

What do you feel passionate about at the moment? Do you have something you would like to share with the world?

Beside playing drums and making beats I’m digging more and more into wine tasting and discovering for great food, this often happening through excursions!I’d love to pass on my message: keep yourselves inspired even in such times of distress.Energy and beauty will never cease to exist if we all keep that fire alive.