Gru’ner Tee ‘Lemon Tymes’
I found this one in Istanbul, fucking brilliant folk stuff but recorded all backwards.
Creepy Autograph ‘My Creepy Autograph’
The mysteriousness is really intriguing and ive seen a lot of similiarities between
stuff im doing as well, ace.
Tyree Georio Lee ‘White’ ep
I love the way tyree has this way of combining racism and sex into this emotional ride of terror.
1400 Club ‘Membership Only’
Ultra rare chicago house, the best part is the artwork, its all fashion illustrations.
Jane Marieco ‘Feel’
I give Jane credit for making a whole album out of sex moans, even all the melodies, its unbelievable.
Sleaze ‘You’re A Disgrace/My One Hate’
Ultra sleazy metal. On the verge of disgusting.
Nick Raftis ‘Gently Tap Your Forefathers’
One to keep an eye on, nick has a way of making a lot of electronic artists sound
like total shit.
Matthew Declerck Co. ‘Sayin Heyyy’
New wave of noise, I cant tell if its seriously nazi or not.  Sounds like ive never heard.
DRH & Tween ‘Fog’ Volume 2
Very simple, second edition of minimalist classical compositions with homemade instruments over hardcore dance shit.
Rectango ‘In The Times When You Could Do (This)’
Some of my new favorite stuff to come out of miami, Nyc streetbeat meets rape and heroin.