21 year-old Bellaire is at the opposite of an introvert that would thrive in dark sonorities. He needs brightness and lightness to flourish in this uprising music genre he’s part of. Already making his early mark as a tastemaker artist in the scene, his 2017 debut single ‘Paris City Jazz’ amassed over 9.7 million Spotify streams, with the foundation of his music spanning across disco, funk & jazz tones. DMCWORLD checks in as he releases his new single ‘My Love’…

Hey Bellaire, thanks for your time today. How are you doing? 

Yo! Thanks for having me DMC! I’m doing great, making tons of music at home these days. 

How are you finding 2021 so far? 

It’s very strange because it seems nothing has really changed from last year. One more tough year and we’ll be ready to party again I’m sure! 

Your latest track, ‘My Love’, is super funky! Where did the inspiration for this come from? 

Thanks! It was a period I was really going back to my 2000’s french house records. The vibe I really wanted to make was a blend between disco and house, alongside a very groovy bassline. 

How would you describe your creative process? 

To start a track, I always need a little idea like some drums, or a guitar riff. I always build a track around a sample from my musician friends. But the main element in my tracks is definitely the drums and the bass! 

Does this process ever change?   

It always changes because I work with lots of musicians. Sometimes it starts with a bassline, sometimes with a piano riff I made! 

Do you play any instruments?  

I do! I played the clarinet for 14 years and studied sax for a few years! These are my two main instruments. 

What positives have you taken from the last year or so? 

I was so happy to be more at home, enjoying making more music. I toured so much the last 3 years and I needed that break to find myself again. It was a really good year for me in general! 

The clubs have reopened… where are you going first? 

Georgia, Tbilisi! One of the best places to play in the whole world! 

Has there been anything in particular that kept you grounded throughout last year? 

Digging a lot of music/vinyl has definitely helped me getting through this situation! 

Do you want to shout out any up and coming producers / DJs?

I want to make a shout out to my bro Georges! Go check his stuff, he makes house like no one does!!