Legroni is a young melodic artist we have had our eyes on for a while due his many releases on his label UFO Sound that were always beautiful and captivating. Now with a new release on Zoom Zoom Records “Hypnotized”, we reached out to him to find out a little more about the man behind the music…

Interview by Ian Fleming

How was your xmas and new year?

Hello! Thank you, calmly with friends, family and music!

What were your key takeaways from 2020 regarding the pandemic – what did you learn?

There were good moments in 2020 and not so good, I’d rather tell you about the good ones 🙂 I’ve been writing melodic techno and deep music for 3 years now, and from the very beginning of this, I didn’t go out of the studio, so my behaviour before the pandemic was similar to now, nothing much changed. I went deeper into music engineering, learned a lot of tips for creating tracks, and even managed to create my own! So for any creative person, this period had to be fruitful in my opinion! Unless depressed, of course!

What inspires and motivates you most? I don’t know how to answer this question, because it all depends on the moment! Anything or anyone can inspire anything from light winds outside the window, to thoughts about infinity, space and the world.

And your music, what’s the aim with it, what do you think is your own personal musical fingerprint?

I’m very happy when people enjoy music, especially the ones you write! When you forget everything and give yourself up to the moment in a given second. I’ll never forget my feelings when I first played the track Feel Me, and people sang it by heart – it’s an unreal feeling! At that moment, I immediately wanted to be in the studio and write something new! That’s almost how the Hypnotized track appeared.

Why release the latest single “Hypnotized” on Xmas Day – what was the thinking?

From the first day I played it at Kvartira club, everyone liked it and after the stories there was a huge feedback, but I didn’t know when I would release it. As a result, “holidays and gifts, why not make gifts for everyone as a track?” I thought about it, and that’s all.

When did you link with Juli and how and why? Did you meet in a studio or was it an online collab?

Julie originally really wanted to learn how to write tracks and then play them, and when she came to the studio, in the process of making the structure of the track, she clicks on one note, then the second, third and the chord with which the track begins! Next, I pick up this idea, send it to the microphone and suggest you read a few phrases. That’s how the Hypnotized track turned out. And I think it’s not the last one!

Who writes the vocals – you or her?

All vocals are recorded in my studio. In this track, Julie. In the rest of the tracks, if you hear male vocals or just voices, mine.

Is it important they mean something or are they just a sound added into the mix to add a human element?

Each track has its own meaning and feature! Sometimes it’s important and sometimes as an element complementary of the track.

What’s next for you?

In 2021, wait for a lot of surprises on Zoom Zoom Records, but in the meantime, beautiful holidays for everyone!

Legroni’s “Hypnotized” is out now on his Zoom Zoom Records  Grab it here… https://www.beatport.com/release/hypnotized/3236038