Todd Terry

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of ‘Samba’ with remixes from such legends as DJ Sneak, Vega, Kenny Dope, MK, Candelario nd many more

Welcome back to DMC towers Todd, your 20th anniversary of House of Gypsies ‘Samba’ is in the stores today – with probably the most insane collection of remixers ever collated for one track! How long has this project taken you to bring to our dancefloors?

“On and off for about six months. I was just waiting for a few mixes, and other great mixes just kept coming in…”

What is your personal favourite rework of the tune?

“That would not be fair, all of them a great and so different from each other.”

What is coming out next from the mighty Todd Terry studio…?

“Todd Terry and J Paul Getto “Go Bitch” in August, Todd Terry vs Hip Hop coming in the Fall.”

House music lost it’s way for a good few years during all that bleep and hard stuff. As one of the pioneers of house music, what are your thoughts on your beloved sound in 2012 and where it may be going…

“It’s always moving forward is all I can say.”

During that time – did you thought of ever hanging up your headphones ever cross your mind…or did you know that ‘five year cycle’ was just round the corner?

“It always comes back to great songs, it’s got to get bad so you know what’s good.”

Who are the producers from around the dance globe that you are giving a high five to at the moment?

“Prok & Fitch and J Paul Getto.”

You are one of the rare breed of DJs who can read a crowd in seconds, spot the old school heads, spot the new kidson the block and know instantly what set you need to pull out for the next few hours… 

“Thanks, that’s what a DJ should be doing, reading the crowd, always.”

What are your thoughts on the lap top DJ?  

“I prefer not to use those programs, CDs and flash are what’s in my bag, I like to perform, not push a button.”

Do you think the new producers of today have it too easy, when you began making music and locating sounds was not so simple…

“It’s not easy no matter what you have to make a great song, it’s not always the tools, but what’s in your head.”

What is the big tunes you are spinning right now?  

“It changes every night, but I do play a bunch of my own records, crowds are digging all the “Samba” remixes.”

Away from house music, what artists are you checking out at the moment?  

“I like what Skrillex is doing, the Black Keys…”

What has been your summer anthem so far? 

Let you know when I get back from Ibiza in September, too early to tell…”

Not many people know this, but Todd Terry is really good at…

“Getting speeding tickets!”

What is the inspiration and drive that makes you pack that weekend bag every week and get on yet another plane to some far flung destination…? 

“My next car.”

Favourite city in the world to DJ in?

“Any city in The UK, Naples and Amsterdam.”

Best vocalist you have ever worked with? 

“All are great in their own way, but a few jump out, Shawnee Taylor, Martha Wash, Jocelyn Brown, Antwanette Roberson.”

And finally, out of the hundreds of superb productions you have brought us, which one are you most proudest of?

“Black Riot “A Day In The Life”.


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