Paris & Simo

The Montreal producers currently flavour of the month in EDM

Welcome to DMCWorld towers boys, you are the current flavours of the month in Canada with two superb tunes smashing The Buzz Chart at the moment. Let’s kick off with ‘Aztec’ – your second release on Mark Mendes’ Starter label. Talk us through the track…

“Aztec was a track we were first debating on releasing, during the whole transition of rebranding Paris FZ  & Simo T to simply Paris & Simo. We wanted to come out with banging tracks like ‘Nova’. During those couple of months we had a lot of music ready but we had to be selective. Mark is a good friend of ours and he has a quick release schedule for ‘Aztec’ so we thought even though the track is dark it shows how versatile you can be as artist.”

Also doing some serious damage is ‘Nova’, tell us the history of this cracker…

“When the track was in the process of being finished we sent it out to some friends for feedback, everyone seemed to love it. We went back into the project so many times that we started having some doubts, we were trying to push our potential and be unique at the same time. We e-mailed Tiesto, he told us the track is amazing, he also played it live in his set here in Montreal. It’s such a great feeling to know that a legend like him supports our music. We went forward in signing it to Revealed because we felt comfortable with them, they’ve got a great catalogue of music. We’re definitely content with all the support we’ve received from it. “

You hail from Montreal, a city that’s bringing us some great music at the moment. When did you two get together and start making music…

“Indeed, artists such as Sultan & Ned Shepard are originally from Montreal as well, they are great guys who have definitely motivated us in pursing our careers, they have done great things which makes us Montrealers proud.  As for us, we were recognised as a duo back in 2010 but we’ve known each other way before.”

Who were the producers and DJs that had inspired you to head into the music industry?

“We get most of our inspirations through various genres/artists. It’s tough to list the names, however Axwell’s productions has always stood out to both of us.

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?

In no specific order…

1-Qulinez – Troll (Sick Individuals remix)
2-Henrik B ft. Rudy – Leave a Light On
3-Deniz Koyu – Bong
4-Swedish House Mafia – Grey Hound
5-Miike Snow – The Wave (Thomas Gold remix)
6-Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock Sofa – Here We Go
7-Michael Brun – Rise
8-Hardwell – Three Triangles
9-Nari  &Milani – Atom
10-David Guetta & Nicky Romero – Metropolis

You have found success very quickly, Hardwell snapped up your original ‘Monk’ track to his Revealed Recordings and Tiesto followed shortly by choosing your remix of his ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ on Musical Freedom. Can you believe how easy this producing game is?!?!

“The new generation of making music is a lot different from what it was, now all you need is a laptop, headphones and a good set of ears. Although the producing game is easier than what it was, it’s a lot more competitive. There are so many great artists out there. We thank both Tiesto and Hardwell for pushing our music to the forefront of EDM.”

What 1 record changed your life?

“We both have a slightly different taste in music, however Axwell’s ‘Feel The Vibe’ was that one track for the both of us.”

You have rocked dancefloors alongside the likes of Sebastian Ingrosso, Deadmau5, Dirty South and Skrillex – who have really impressed you so far?

“All acts were different from each other but amazing! But…

Paris: “Eric Prydz.”

Simo: “I’d have to go with Ingrosso, out of all the sets of I’ve watched over the years his stood out the most. He had a lot of energy and the dancefloor was literally shaking the whole night.”

Tell us about spinning at Electric Daisy Carnival this year, the event drew 345,000 people this time around. What were the highlights?

“One of the best shows we’ve ever played, everyone was out to enjoy the music. It really wasn’t about the artist, people were there to enjoy the atmosphere. Vegas is definitely Disneyland for grown ups. Meeting up with Hardwell and other DJs was fun, we got to finally meet people we’ve been communicating with these past years. We have never experienced an event of that capacity; the production value from DJs to lighting was beyond incredible, looking forward to playing again next year!”

Who brings what to the studio, who is great at what?

“We both get work done at our houses, having the same set up makes it easy with dropbox. We’ll keep sending project files back and forth, when one person is working on one project the other is starting a new one. When we finalise a track we get together and go over the arrangement and clean everything up. The advantage of having two people in one studio enables you to pick out something the other person didn’t think of.”

Not many people know this, but Paris &Simo are really good at…

Paris: “Starcraft.”
Simo: “Soccer.”

What did your family think of your choice of careers? Was there anything else you had perhaps studied for that could have been an option had music not worked out?

“Both our families are supportive of the decisions we make. We are still able to balance our schooling with music for the time being.”

What clubs around the world are you still dying to play at?

“We would have to go with Pacha in Ibiza and Ministry of Sound in the UK.”

What has been your summer anthem to date?

“‘The Night Out’ (Martin vs A-Trak Rework).”

What is the club scene in Montreal like at the moment? Where should our readers be checking out?

“We have a great underground scene, Circus afterhours is a venue you definitely want to check out if you enjoy more heavier stuff, we played there a couple of time. As for a regular club, New City Gas just opened which hosts big names every weekend. A massive venue (3000 people capacity) with an amazing vibe, can’t wait to play there!”

And finally, what is coming next from you studio wise…

“We have a few amazing collaborations with some great DJs, which you will soon hear. Also a couple of banging originals to follow up to Nova, one of which has a powerful vocal. We’re always developing our sound, looking for the next best drop.”

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