Getting their tune reviewed on these pages is something many producers want to have, so it comes naturally that you get loads of music each and every week-some from people you know for a long time, some from guys you never heard before. One of those people is Christophe Salin from Lübeck/Germany, who (excuse me Sir) I simply didn’t know before he sent me his 5 track EP ‘Will You Be There’. As you might expect there’s quite some trash in your promo inbox but this example is proof to the fact, that you should listen to each and every record you get sent, because it is amazing all over. What you get is a fluffy, easy House EP with loads of Jazz, Soul and Funk influences, blended perfectly with clever vocal samples that players like Ron Trent or Lay-Far would be proud of. Ok, you can hear some Donald Byrd sample here or there, but still this is way better than most of the releases you get confronted with on a regular basis. Best track of the EP for me certainly must be ‘I Need More Champagne’ a tune with a strong Akabu feel to it. The best comes at the end-the EP will be available on Vinyl too. Watch this man! Hilarious!

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX