Chuna & Bjorn Maria – Jack In The Box (Indiana Tones) (11/07)

Indiana Tones continue their rolling streak of impressive releases, once again offering more fresh and quirky house music, perfectly created for the summer party months. This time round they turned to relatively unknown artists Chuna & Bjorn who have delivered the stunning ‘Jack In The Box’ EP.

A unique vocal is allowed to dance around a bed a warming and shuffling chords that simultaneously lock in with a mesmerising groove that is sure to keep every dancer on their toes. To accompany the original, up step Kellerkind and Freiboitar with two equally impressive remixes. Kellerkind applies a harder house groove to really increase the vibe, followed by Freiboitar who takes it even further, offering up a bouncey production that completes the collection in fine form. Another impressive release for the Indiana Tones family.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming