Da Lukas ‘Ultimate Jam/Great Stuff’ (TROPICAL DISCO)

Palermo resident Salvo De Luca aka Da Lukas has been in the game for decades and is one of those guys who managed to keep up with his trademark funky sound throughout the years. I remember his first productions landing on the then essential Oxyd Records label around the new century and from that time on he has been a consistent deliverer of the funky Disco gems. It was only a question of time to land on one of the most prolific labels of the mentioned genres, Tropical Disco which is run by Moodena and Sartorial and remains to be an impulse generator when it comes to funked up Disco sounds.
His new outings ‘Ultimate Jam’ and ‘Great Stuff’ are both immense driving tunes with plenty of brass, rumbling basses and beefy rhythms that let the late 70s pop up once again!

4 out of 5

Reviewed by MANNIX