Danny Daze is a refreshingly unpredictable character. His output can be obvious and house driven but it can also be subversive and ground breaking in its style. here he very much follows the latter path when linking up with rHr for a new EP on the Fat Warung label. It features just two cuts, but both are totally essential.

The two tracks both tell totally different stories here. One, Hologram, is all blasted out, busted up and depraved sounding. It has frazzled bass and scraping textures, filtered synths and white nose sounds degrading the groove. That groove is hard to categorise – it is techno in force but has a broken beat and really is physical. The flip is Ginga, a much cleaner and slicker electro tune with a fantastic beat, creepy vocals and a spaced out aura that really is captivating for mind, body and soul.

Reviewed by: Ian Fleming