Masters Of Chaos – Death Wish – Atmosphere:UK

With certain commercial hard dance platforms reigning their operations back in recent weeks, the driving force of the underground still remains in tact especially with many classic european hard figures making promising waves again! Outstanding new material from Scot Project, a recent announcement from Luca Antolini and Andrea Montorsi that they are back working on hard trance and quality new material coming from labels such as Joyride, Error 303 and Hyper Reality, it’s exciting times and I believe a direction that harder sounds (or hard dance if you will?) need to take in order to evolve. In fashion with this, established South West producers Louk, Jonez & Noizy Boy lock horns once again under their Masters Of Chaos guise for a hard as nails underground treat that is made solely with the rave in mind and not so much the chart positions. (All being said, it still hit the top spot on TID last week!) Chunky off-beat basses, gritty stabs and one almighty eerie synth that sounds like Mr Freddy Kruger himself has stumbled across a Virus TI. The true sound of the underground for 2016!