The rain is heavy at the start of Ross Tones’ second album as Throwing Snow. It takes a while for any music to appear, but in that time the listener can adjust to the climate and the white noise that ensues. When the music does start it is striking indeed, for Tones has a vivid imagination and a willingness to push different moods, tempos and rhythms that give his music genuine excitement. ‘Recursion’ and ‘Glisseette’ are both hugely ambitious and impressive pieces of work, while the clever gear shifts through ‘Prism Pt 1’ add a nice level of unpredictability. ‘Cosms’ hits a great beat, while ‘Gossamer’s thread’ and ‘Klaxon’ show what a wide range of frequencies Tones can work with, from massive bass to twinkling treble. The first album was good, but this is a notable step up, Tones thinking of his studio as an electronic orchestra and giving big, modern beats to match. Excellent stuff.
Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5