This is one of those rare occurrences of a remix album done well, as Yuksek submits his third album to be given a thorough dressing down. The crucial thing here is the variety of house styles but also the obvious time spent and attention to detail on the part of the remixers, who are respectful but also original. Destino, a new name to me, blends some ‘80s synth grooves to excellent effect in his dub of ‘Sunrise’ Dub blends some 80s synth grooves to excellent effect. The newer edit of ‘Make It Easy’ struts its stuff, while Jacques Renault adds some earthy funk to ‘Golden Age’. Meanwhile the live edit of ‘Sweet Addiction’ is a good example of the classy approach that runs through this excellent album. Strongly recommended for house heads looking for some extra-summery content.

Ben Hogwood
5 out of 5