Back To Mine with Alexander Church


1. Telefon Tel Aviv – Sound in a Dark Room

Such a great piece of music, thought provoking and can easily get lost in this. I love the electronica elements and the almost industrial feel to the drums, the vocal and music compliment them so well, it doesn’t know what it is, or what it wants be, and that’s what I like in music.

Telefon Tel Aviv - Sound In a Dark Room


2. Moonchild – Possible Worlds

I was fortunate enough to own a vinyl shop for years, during that period so much great music was available for me to immerse myself in. This track came in on a Friday afternoon with the distributor and it has just stayed with me for over 20 years. Memories of the time in the shop and another great track.

moonchild - possible worlds


3. St. Ives – Your Love Is Taking Me Over – Fantasia Twice as Nice Album

Some of the first tracks I listened too, and still dig out the album today. This album represents my early teens, not quite old enough to go out, but old enough to realise just how much the early rave scene would be my sanctuary for the years ahead.

Fantazia Twice As Nice Greame Park Ellis Dee


4. Hiem – She Is the One (Matthew Johnson Circles in Time Remix)

Some tracks just stand out, and this is one of them, what a journey with so many different twists and turns. Really well thought out and doesn’t fade in my opinion. Within the track I can hear so many different styles and it is literally Circles in time for me.

Hiem - Shes The One (Circles In Time Mathew Jonson Remix) Full Version


5. Vangelis – Rachels Song

I come back to this time and time again, the vocal is just so emotional and stimulating for me, it burns my face every time I hear it.

Blade Runner - Rachel's Song


6. Adam Johnson – Four Squares

Great melody and emotion in this track, it stands the test of time and I always find myself digging it out and listening to it. Something about melody taking over tracks and there being a cross over between listening at home and dancing in a club.

Adam Johnson - Four Squares


7. Laurent Ho – Uncivilised World

Around 1996 I became hooked on the industrial techno movement that was developing In France and particularly Paris, labels such as Epiteth and Dead End Records, I used to save up my pocket money, go to the phone box and call a distributor in Paris who would send me the latest releases, The artwork and the meaning behind the music is something that I will always come back to. These releases still get dug out and played however it’s a very selective audience who would appreciate this.

Laurent Hô - Pr P Steiner (uncivilized world)


8. James Holden – Blackpool Late Eighties

Another great track to get lost in, the whole album and how it was made is really interesting and how James Holden uses technology maths and melodies to come up with these kinds of pieces is inspirational.

JAMES HOLDEN - Blackpool Late Eighties


9. Marco Bailey – Scorpia

Another memory from the record shop, we were all fighting over this when it came in, powerful and full of energy. The melody towards the end is great. So many of my records hold a story and take me back to a memory or connection. I love that about music. Its like my vinyl collection is a storage of my memories, feelings, hopes and fears.

Dj Marco Bailey - Scorpia


10. The DJ Producer ‎– Nitemare On B-Kore Street

I owe a lot to Luke McMillan, at a time in my life when I was young and passionate about music, he noticed my early dedication and knowledge of music and helped me with production and learning about software and hardware. I went to his studio and he made a track in front of me, I took notes and learned from someone who is a very talented artist. I still use some of that learning today and always still listen to his early productions.

The DJ Producer - Urban Decay - Storm Breaks (Breakcore Hardcore)


Alexander Church – Configurations 02 (Configurations of Self)

This artist has made everything from melodic soundscapes to industrial techno under various aliases, and has been involved in the scene since 1995. He strives to make music
from a position of deep contemplation, distilling the story of who he is through his unique productions. Previous support for his music has come from DJs as diverse as Sasha,
Surgeon, Hernan Cattaneo, Mumdance & Guy J, to name just a few. “Configurations 002 was written as I started to unravel and work on my own life script,” says the artist, who adds that this is an EP inspired by life decisions. ”Generally, once a person has decided on a life position there is a tendency for it to remain fixed unless there is some intervention, such as therapy, to change the underlying decisions I’m OK—You’re OK is known as the healthy position and is generally game-free. It is the belief that people have basic value, worth, and dignity as human beings.” Superb opener ‘Life Positions 001 – (I’m Ok – You’re OK)’ is warm and deep techno with majestic melodies rippling over the rolling drums. It’s richly detailed and cinematic, while ‘Life Positions 002 – (I’m Ok – You’re Not Ok)’ is more upright, with house drums again feeling warm and dubby as well-crafted synth lines and swirling pads colour in a cosmic sky up top. On the flipside, ‘Life Positions 003 – (I’m Not OK – You’re OK)’, the third vital variation on the theme is more brightly lit, with celestial keys this time glowing brightly. An ever evolving soundscape, it makes for an utterly absorbing listen. Last of all comes the excellent ‘Life Positions 004 – (I’m Not OK – You’re Not OK)’, a deep and spine tingling track with chords washing over the rubbery drums, sci-fi motifs floating by and a luxuriant air that makes for high class melodic techno.

Alexander Church – Configurations 02 (Configurations of Self) Release: April 19th 2019 Cat No: CS002 Format: vinyl