1. Depech Mode – It’s No Good

This track was on the first album I ever bought. This track as well as that time was musically very defining for me.

Depeche Mode – It's no good


2. Moloko – Sing It Back

At the beginning of my DJ career I played a lot of house and vocal house. I played this record so many times that I even had to buy a second copy.

Moloko – "Sing It Back" [Official Video]


3. Trentemøller – Moan

I still get goosebumps when I listen to this song by Trentemøller. He has always been one of the most inspiring artists for me.

Trentemøller: Moan (Official music video)


4. Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity

Such a timeless track! Jamiroquai was also very formative for my musical career. I played a lot of remixes as well as originals of him in my sets.

Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity (Official Music Video)


5. Nora En Pure – Lake Arrowhead:

I can’t imagine my sets without Nora En Pure anymore. I have a very high regard for the woman behind this project, both musically and personally.

Nora En Pure – Lake Arrowhead (Original Mix)


6. Egokind & Clear Void – Closer:

Egokind – an artist who I greatly appreciate as well and who I can proudly say I had the chance to work with him. Unfortunately he stopped making music under the name of Egokind. 

Egokind & Clear Void – Closer


7. Lane 8 – Fingerprint

It doesn’t matter if I’m playing at an after party or at peak time – there are many songs by Lane 8 which fit to any and every set time.

Lane 8 – Fingerprint


8. Kölsch feat. Troels Abrahamsen – All That Matters

This song might not be so emotional for others as it is for me, but it made me cry out of happiness on stage.

Kölsch – All That Matters '1977' Album


9. Ferdinand Weber – What

There is hardly any other song which I’ve played more times than “What”. When I listen to it I really can imagine a whole festival crowd where everyone is smiling and dancing while the sun sets.

Ferdinand Weber – What


10. Justus Köhncke – Timecode

Such a beautiful closing track! I very often pick this from my record case.

Justus Köhncke – Timecode (Official Video) 'Zwei Photonen' EP


Alle Farben – Little Hollywood
Alle Farben & Janieck – Little Hollywood [OFFICIAL VIDEO]