Justice – Genesis

As with a lot of people, Justice was my first introduction to electronic music. Straight up changed my entire music world. Didn’t totally dive into producing until a few years after, but this lit the spark.

Justice – Genesis – †


Frankmusik – 3 Little Words

Introduced me to the producer Stuart Price, who’s been a production role model to me ever since.

Frankmusik – 3 Little Words


Feed Me – White Spirit

White Spirit is really what pushed me into the EDM world. After hearing this I became totally infatuated with electronic music.

Feed Me – White Spirit (Official Audio)


Seven Lions – Tyven

Tyven was legitimately my favorite song for about 6 straight months and got me to focus on trying to make non dance stuff for a while.



Oliver – The Night is On My Mind

This track, and Oliver in general, is what really made me think about my production habits. It kicked me into gear to clean up my sound and be smarter about my sound design and sample choices.

Oliver – Night Is On My Mind


Uppermost – Beautiful Light

One of the most stylistically influential tracks for me. I had been chopping up vocals long before it, but this gave me a goal of how I wanted my tracks to feel.

Uppermost – Beautiful Light


Lemaitre – Time To Realize

Got me back into disco-ey stuff after my Justice obsession. I remember constantly jamming to this tune in my car during my last semester of college.

Lemaitre – Time to Realize (Official Video)


Urban Cone – Deja Vu (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Though Time To Realize pulled me into to disco stuff again, this remix is why I started making it. It’s not as evident in my songs now, but for the first 1-2 years of being “Attom” it was a big part of what I was doing and is also when I first started getting attention.

Urban Cone – Deja Vú (Oliver Nelson Remix)


Odesza – Sun Models

Still remember the first time my friend showed me this song. Was truly blown away by how good it was, and since then Odesza has been a huge inspiration to me.

ODESZA – Sun Models (feat. Madelyn Grant)


Tycho – Montana

This is the most recent track that had me reevaluate the kind of music I was making. I’ve probably listened to Tycho an unhealthy amount over the last two years and it definitely started rubbing off on my songs.

Tycho – Montana