1. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – Deep Cover

So Raw. It gets me going every time. Went crazy the first time I heard the bassline (and still do), It just hits you out of nowhere and sounds so bad-ass when the drums kick in! Love the storytelling too and Dre & Snoop’s flow together is amazing.

Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg – Deep Cover (HD)


2. Kings Of Leon – Arizona

Perfect for driving on a sunny day! I’m a fan of all Kings Of Leon albums and listen to them a lot on long journeys.

Kings Of Leon- Arizona (Unofficial Video)


3. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird

Masterpiece! Love the change halfway through. The guitar solo is epic. First heard it when watching Forrest Gump I think…

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Free Bird HD Studio Version


4. Chakachas – Jungle Fever

Haven’t got a clue what she’s saying but it just gives me such a good vibe! I first heard this whilst playing GTA: San Andreas, what a great soundtrack that game has!

chakachas – Jungle Fever


5. James Brown – The Payback

Real funky & something I can always groove to. Good track to listen to before playing a set, gets me ready to fully go for it!

James Brown – Payback


6. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away

Makes me bounce around the room! Flea’s bassline is so groovy. Love the Chili Peppers albums (especially ‘I’m With You’)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Give It Away [Official Music Video]


7. Kanye West – I Wonder

There’s something special about this song. Always inspires me and keeps me thinking that anything is possible. The instrumental, verses & the ‘I Wonder’ sample he used is perfect! Probably my favourite song by him.


8. Eagles – Hotel California

Classic. My grandad used to play The Eagles when I was really young so they’re just imbedded in my mind! Another Great guitar solo on this too. I love the cover that Frank Ocean did of it aswell, it’s called ‘American Wedding’.

Eagles – Hotel California [HD] 3D


9. Frank Ocean – Seigfried

This is beautifully depressing. Such an emotional piece. Constantly refreshing true art from Frank. One of my favourite artists for sure. Very inspiring.

Frank Ocean – Seigfried


10. Fightstar  – Follow Me Into The Darkness

Great atmosphere on this song, a real dark journey and is a perfect end to their great ‘Be Human’ album. Loved the first few Fightstar albums!

Fightstar | Follow Me Into The Darkness


Billy Turner – Rough Essence (Social Experiment Records)

The Social Experiment label returns with another standout release, this time from esteemed UK techno artist Billy Turner. In a few short years Turner has built a solid fan base around the world, with his music finding its way into the record bags of the likes of Daniel Avery, Laurent Garnier and Adam Beyer thanks to a series of powerful releases on Dense & Pika’s Kneaded Pains, Tiga’s Twin Turbo and Drumcode’s vinyl-only offshoot DC LTD. Radio 1 support and Rinse FM guest shows have showcased his mature, visceral techno, and in the process have helped make him one of the hottest rising talents in the game right now.
First up, ‘Wake’ is a brilliantly atmospheric and scene-setting tool that is sure to become a popular set opener. A real sense of suspense and eeriness rises from the drifting alien soundscapes and foreboding pads providing a perfect introduction to the EP. The absorbing ‘Flush’ then gets straight to business with a serene, Detroit-style techno groove; it’s deep and enveloping with warm, soulful pads and effortless hypnotism in the drums all underpinned by rumbling, menacing bass.
Keeping up the quality, ‘Natural’ is a more angular and textured track, with edgy industrial synths rising and falling throughout as restless drums power onwards. It’s designed to fill vast spaces with sound and oozes the sort of all-consuming atmosphere that really makes an impact. Finishing off in style, ‘Downwards’ is the most powerful of the lot, with hunched kick drums demanding you dance and cosmic life forms evolving in the airwaves above.

Billy Turner – Rough Essence (Social Experiment Records) Release: July 27th 2018 Cat. No. SE011