1. Slow Motion – No Mana

This is an awesome new track from No Mana. It’s got that early Deadmau5 feel to it, and it really grinds. No nonsense, just kick and sawtooth.

No Mana – Slow Motion

2. Divine – UMEK, Simon Doty

Play this bass line for your friend when they’re passed out. They’ll start dancing in their sleep. UMEK is the king of half-bar bass lines, and this one goes and goes.

UMEK & Simon Doty – Divine [Spinnin]

3. Night Is On My Mind – Oliver

This is an Oliver classic. Dark and heavy. This song actually slows down time so that everything is in slow motion. And everything is cooler in slow motion.

Oliver – Night Is On My Mind

4. Lets Get Dirty (Crazibiza Dub Remix) – Hoxton Whores, Melleefresh

This track didn’t move to Vegas. It was born in Vegas. And it’s never leaving. This is another one that goes all night. And Melleefresh makes things extra dirty, as always.

Hoxton Whores, Melleefresh – Let's Get Dirty (Crazibiza Vocal Mix)

5. Angel On My Shoulder (EDX Remix) – Kaskade

Classic. The thing I love about this song: I get older, it stays the same age.

Kaskade – Angel On My Shoulder (EDX Remix) (HQ)

6. Afterhours – Melleefresh vs. Deadmau5

I picked this song because it’s called “Afterhours” and I don’t know what I’m doing.

Melleefresh vs deadmau5 – Afterhours (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


7. Conscindo – Wolfgang Gartner & Mark Knight

Another classic! This is a killer collaboration that, for me, defines an entire genre. If the mood is right, play the anthem.

Mark Knight & Wolfgang Gartner 'Conscindo' (Original Club Mix)

8. Come Fly Away (Soha & Adam K Remix) – Benny Benassi

Next stop: the feels. This remix is silky smooth. It takes me back to a very good place, back when I was living at my parents’ house. I promise I’m not living at my parents’ house anymore.

Benny Benassi feat. Channing – Come Fly Away (Soha & Adam K)

9. Latin Fever – Wolfgang Gartner

Next stop: the vibes. Clearly I love the throwbacks. I’ve used this song in all kinds of situations, and it always gets people moving.

Wolfgang Gartner – Latin Fever (Orginal Mix)

10. Changing Me – Bobby Green

“Whoa, this track is amazing! It literally changed my perspective on life!” This is what every person has said after listening to this song

Bobby Green ft. Sean Michael Murray – Changing Me (Extended Mix)



With 3 Hype Machine #1’s already under his belt, Bobby Green is back with a lyric video for his song “Lights” featuring vocals from Los Angeles-based singer Whitney Phillips. “Lights” is a tour de force where dance music and pop are effortlessly blended with pristine production and top-tier melodies and hooks. The song has a certain warmth to it that the lyric video effortlessly illuminates.

Having previously had songs recorded by Kylie Minogue, Lil Wayne, Kid Ink, Eva Simmons, T.I., Far East Movement, and Steve Aoki, amongst others, Whitney Phillips’ lyrics are brought to life in the new lyric video for “Lights,” helping fans of Bobby’s to visualize what they’ve been singing along to.

Bobby had the following to say about the song, “The first words that came out of my mouth when I started writing this song were ‘putting all your lights on.’ And I could never get those words out of my head. What Whitney and I eventually realized was that this was a song about the walls that we put up around ourselves, and the way that we often fear a world that fears us back. ‘Lights’ is about the disconnection we all feel, and about the great things that can happen when we open up and show the world who we are.”

Bobby Green is a Dallas-bred songwriter, producer and re-mixer. Now based in New York City, Bobby topped the Hype Machine charts reaching the #1 spot on 3 of his past releases, including his hit single, “Changing Me” (feat. Sean Michael Murray), which has over 2 million Spotify streams and has gained Bobby a global fan base.

Bobby Green – "Lights" (Lyric Video)