Back to Mine with Brett Johnson

Back to Mine with Brett Johnson

After hours grooving…


T C Curtis – Should Known Better (Dub)
I can literally listen to this track all day, it’s got the right balance of disco and dub, with a heavy hand on the delay.

Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band – Cherchez La Femme
The whole LP is great, we’ll put it on and before you know it the entire family is dancing and singing. It’s very infectious in the hip area.

Anita Baker – Caught Up In The Rapture
I grew up listening to funk, disco & r&b, it was always on the radio, at least the stations we listened to. Anita Baker is one of the best, she has a powerful voice and very distinct sound.

Kraftwerk – Computer World
My mom had this on cassette when I was 4 or 5, we listened to it a lot, it made a strong impression on me. I still listen to it from time to time, it helps if you have a great stereo to hear the lows.

Basic Blaze – The Garden
Blaze have made so many great, timeless songs, it’s hard to pick a favorite. We listen to this LP all the time, “The Garden” is a masterpiece in my mind.

Cloud One – Atmosphere Strut
Patrick Adams’s is one of my favorite disco legends, his sound is very unique. Lovely vibes.

Aphex Twin – Richard D. James Album
As much as I listen to and hunt for music, a girlfriend turned me on this. I was instantly blown away. Still some of my favorite Aphex moments.

Larry Heard – Ice Castles
Make yourself some iced tea, put this record on and go sit on your balcony,front porch, back yard and read a book. This LP is beautiful,powerful and yet can sit in the background never screaming for attention.

Stevie Wonder – Songs In The key Of Life
I know it’s a cliche but this LP is better than Prozac. Put it on, sit down (if you can) and listen to it, you’ll feel better in no time.

Brett Johnson – I Was Told There’d be Cake EP (Holic Trax)
By now Holic Trax is one of the most assured house labels of the day. As such it makes sense that they turn to another well regarded house producer in Brett Johnson for their next EP. Johnson is an American who has excelled at every dance style over the years. With a classical bent to his tunes, he likes bump and groove and always serves up no nonsense jams on labels like Classic, Housewax and Visionquest. Here he excels with three new tracks as well as one collaboration with tech house legend CPEN. Sumptuous ‘Slow Tide’ is the slick opener and is the sort of soulful, expertly produced jam only a veteran could come up with. Smooth synths have a real sense of feeling, skipping drums bring the groove and a rich bassline recalls the work of Chi town great, Boo Williams. The delicious ‘Music’ is then more direct and physical, with scratchy perc and epic drums punching out a busy pattern. Glass tinkles and smeared pads soften the edges of this deep but jacking track The standout ‘You Got Me Going Crazy’ (Berlin Dub) then finds Brett teaming up with cult figure CPEN to excellent effect. It is a trippy and freaky late night tech cut with slinky lines, spooky vocals and real electronic funk in its bones. Sure to set ‘floors on fire, it gets followed up by the joyous house skip, modern soul and bendy machine funk of ‘Don’t Forget to Smile.’ This expert EP is full of faultless sounds that exactly hit the house mark they go for. Drop them and watch the floor erupt!

Brett Johnson – I Was Told There’d be Cake EP Label: Holic Trax Cat. No. HT019 Out now…