Christopher Kah is an up-and-coming French multi-instrumentalist and a talent of the sort we simply don’t encounter too often in house and techno. A truly exceptional musician, Kah is classically trained, while his work continues to win the support of some of techno’s most renowned names. With his latest full-length, the brilliant Second Nature about to drop via his own Highway label, we felt this a good time to hit him up for a Back To Mine. And he didn’t disappoint with his picks! 


Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

such a visual track ! Just need to close your eyes to understand the intensity of this piece. And don’t hesitate to watch this track live. Such a thrill watching Freddy Mercury perform ! One word – beautiful !

Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video)


KYO w/ Jeuru – Take Me Home

I was on the train when this track appeared randomly on my playlist. My trip took another dimension. The whole album is absolutely stunning.

KYO w/ Jeuru – Take Me Home


Death in Vegas Dub

Soft, mesmerising, dazzling, no other words for this one !

Death In Vegas – Witchdance Dub (Dub)


Jean-Michel Jarre – Chronology Part.3

My first melodic influences come from this album ! I still remember the immediate effect, the  mood I was in when I first discovered it and how it shaped its way into my cells!

Jean Michel Jarre – Chronologie part. 3


Lera Lynn – Lately

It is THE track of this selection, the main track of the show. I’m a big fan, especially season 2 – go and watch it!

Lera Lynn – Lately


O.T. Quartet – Hold That Sucker Down

I could talk about this track for hours… its structure, sounds, the harmony, everything is perfect ! It could represent everything I like in one track !

O.T. Quartet – Hold that sucker down


Massive Attack – Angel

It’s sunday, it’s raining, listening to Massive Attack, we’re falling asleep, waking up, and the track is still playing, over and over again, beautiful, timeless…

Massive Attack – Angel


Robert Hood – Minus

This man truly inspired me a few years ago and continues to do so. The word minimalism takes its full meaning with this track. With just a few sounds, he managed to get his track to this singular mystifying strength.

Robert Hood – Minus


Quench – Dreams

How not to fall in love at first sound with this legendary track. It rocked my adolescence …and still does today ! <3


Whispering Sons – Alone

Discovered in Spotify, it’s in my favourites now. Can listen to it over and over again, delightful !

Whispering Sons – Alone (official video)