Pedro Turra aka Click Box, is a DJ/producer/live act from Brazil. Just at ease making minimal techno as he is more dancefloor focused weapons, his is a diverse array of talents. For the latest in our ‘Back 2 mine’ series, we nabbed Pedro for a quick chat, as he talked us through some of his influences – and the songs he’d throw on at an afters in his… 


Michael Jackson – Off the Wall

I remember the first time I listened to this track, I was a kid and I was with my father (like 6 years old I think) and I said…”wow, WHAT is this?” and my dad said “It’s Michael Jackson, do you like it?” Of course I did!! This was in his car during a time when he was selling food for companies. After school, we drove around delivering, and all the time inside the car the soundtrack was MJ!! After I told him I loved it he gave me a K7 collection from MJ releases + The Jackson Five releases. My father was also a DJ and I still have part of his vinyl collection with me.

Michael Jackson ~ Off The Wall 1979 Disco Purrfection Version



Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Hi Tech Jazz

This is another track that changed my life. I remember the first time I listened to it at this after hours party here in São Paulo, The Hell Club – this was around 1996 – and after that night I decided to play techno / house forever. Great times!!!!

Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Hi-Tech Jazz (The Science)



Depeche Mode – Strangelove 

My formative years in music were heavily influenced by electropop from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. I got into music quite early as I mentioned before, getting my first K7 collection at 6 years old, and after this I started to record music from the radio. But Depeche Mode were massive for me, and it’s really hard for me to choose just one track. Can I choose the discography?! Haha!!

Depeche Mode – Strangelove (Remastered Video)


Thomas Dolby – She Blinded Me With Science

 Also another special and freaky track, I love the synth sounds, and the arrangement especially from this song is awesome! You can listen to some drum sounds and sequences like this in my old Click Box songs like my Minus releases, Some Toys, or Berlin Shades. Thomas Dolby is a big reference point for me!

Thomas Dolby – She Blinded Me With Science (US Mix) (Audio)



Maurizio – M4

This track was one of the biggest influences for me starting my Click Box project, and is still one of the biggest to this day. You can feel the same atmosphere on my latest EP on Silencio Records. Those deep synths and the minimalistic arrangements are fantastic. It’s simple hypnotic, funky and sweet in the same time.


Cabaret Voltaire – Crackdown

Cabaret Voltaire is one of the best and craziest bands I’ve heard in my life. They mix everything, from electronic instruments, samplers, guitars, bass, etc. This track is from 1984 and still sounds really fresh. The synth lines, the groove, the lyrics, it’s amazing! When I start a track I’m always going through my brain’s database for inspiration and this one is there all the time, especially when I think about lyrics.

Cabaret Voltaire Crackdown


DJ Minx – A Walk In The Park (Villalobos Til Thursday Remix)

This piece also occupies a very special place in my mind. I remember a friend of mine gave me this as present. Dino is unfortunately not with us anymore, but when I listen to this track I feel him with me! I remember he told me: “Pedro you need to make tracks like this!!” I went home and listened to it and thought WOW! After this I decided to change things and work to try and be part of Minus. I still play this it in my sets. This track for me is like a Mona Lisa of electronic music.

DJ Minx – A Walk In The Park (Villalobos Til Thursday Remix)


Tim Maia – Rational Culture

Tim Maia is one of the most important Brazilian artists ever and he was super crazy, like crazy crazy crazy…… Especially during this time, the story surrounding him is really big, and if you ever have the opportunity you must find the book about his life and read it; it’s awesome! He referred to himself around this time as ‘Tim Maia Racional’ because of this religious movement called Racionals (totally fake religious movement ). But he stopped taking drugs and he made some albums, touching on subjects like the soul and things like that. Almost like an acid trip. The bass lines are amazing!

Tim Maia – Rational Culture


Richie Hawtin – DE9 | Closer To The Edit

This is also another piece that I would regard as a Mona Lisa of techno!  It represents a mix of all my references when I think about techno and minimal, and for me the best time in the electronic music scene when we talk about creativity. It’s a collection of tracks but sounds like a coherent unit – the way a great album should be. This one will also in my playlist until the end of my life! 

Richie Hawtin – DE9 | Closer To The Edit (2001, full‐length)


Dubtil – Claves Thing

This guy is amazing and I love his work! This track for me represents  the new kind of techno: minimal, but groovy, but at the same time experimental, super hypnotic and intelligent. For me it’s one of the best tracks from recent times. It’s strikes the perfect balance. It has it all, melodically it’s perfect, the groove is perfect, the arrangement is perfect, it’s constant and flows beautifully! I can listen to this for hours and hours.

Dubtil – Claves Thing