Nick Brennan’s Tripswitch journey through electronic music continues unabated in 2017 as he celebrates his 16th year as a renowned DJ/Producer with the launch of his brand new onedotsixtwo label and his first mix comp, a stylish summer affair featuring no less than 23 exclusive tracks that join the dots perfectly between past, present and future. Last year saw this musical chameleon explore a fresh direction with his critically acclaimed ‘Vagabond’ (Iboga) artist album, having previously establishing himself as one of the world’s premium chillout producers. With such a depth of musical knowledge and incredible creative diversity running through his veins, it was inevitable that he would make some very interesting ‘Back To Mine’ selections. Here’s the perfect opportunity to find out about some of Tripswitch’s favourite eclectic tracks…


LFO – Shove Piggy Shove

I love connecting people with musical gems they haven’t heard before, especially when it’s a really old track that was so important for you when it came out that it’s almost seeped into your DNA. I recently introduced a friend to ‘Shove Piggy Shove’ and their jaw hit the floor, just as mine had back in ‘96. The shuffling beat is so comfortable and the melody’s drop-dead gorgeous but somehow in a very unpretentious way.



Leftfield – Melt

I still get a rush every time I hear this track, it was an absolute fixture in any chillout session from the mid 90’s onwards. I went to see the latest show at the Brixton Academy a couple of weeks back and it was awesome. Such a strong shared nostalgia experience for everyone there. And… it looks like we might have Earl 16 and Cheshire Cat on an upcoming release on my downtempo label Section Records soon too! Watch this space…

Leftfield – Melt HQ


Aphex Twin – Tha

‘Selected Ambient Works’ is the very definition of a seminal dance record. I have very fond memories of early 90’s life as a clubber and fledgling DJ in an English market town, and a pivotal moment in that pastiche of hazy memories was being lost in this track dancing around my room in a shared house with a couple of the freakiest mates I ever had. It’s a weird thing to bring up but there you go.

Aphex Twin – Tha


Luttrell – Don’t Forget To Breathe

I’m a real sucker for a well-composed string motif, and this track on Anjunadeep is a future classic, destined to be synced to many a euphoric screen moment I’m sure. A powerful melody, engineered for goose bumps, with a lush rolling rhythm behind it. What’s not to like on this one.

Luttrell – Don't Forget To Breathe


London Grammar – Rooting For You

While I’m on the subject of well-composed strings, this recent single by London Grammar is still getting a lot of airtime back at mine. The video’s fantastically well-conceived and really reveals just how great Hannah Reid’s vocal is, it’s vulnerability and lack of perfection being the very thing that makes it the perfect performance.

London Grammar – Rooting For You


Pitch Black – It’s The Future Knocking (International Observer’s No Smoking Dub)

Pitch Black have been at the vanguard of the Kiwi dub scene for many years, really helping to break the sound out into the international market. This remix by International Observer (former Thompson Twins lead man Tom Bailey) had to get a mention, it’s just so warm and lush and on heavy rotation here. Oh, and I had the honour of doing the mastering on the release… which was nice.

Pitch Black – It's the Future Knocking (International Observer's No Smoking Dub)


George Michael – John And Elvis Are Dead

George Michael was my guilty pleasure for many years, right back to the eighties, thanks to a misguided belief that it wasn’t cool to be into such things. Ah the folly of youth! The man was an incredible songwriter and outstanding recording artist, and this song showcases that velvet voice to great effect. The powerful story in the lyrics always resonated, but now more than ever. John, Elvis and George. So this is my little eulogy. Rest in peace.

George Michael – John And Elvis Are Dead


St Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us

Another one from back in the day… There was another track on their album ‘Foxbase Alpha’ called ‘London Belongs To Me’, and as a 19-year-old who was enjoying his first taste of London life, it really felt that way. I was experiencing a much more diverse range of musical influences at that time than I ever had before, and this album is the sound of early 90’s London for me.

Saint Etienne – Nothing Can Stop Us (original video)


Orbital – Belfast

Need I say more? This album was on my Walkman (remember those?) for far more time than was decent when it came out, and is pretty much all I can remember listening to for about a year. I don’t think I need to tell anyone how important the ‘Orbital’ album was, but ‘Belfast’ was the perfect way to finish it – almost like the track is the comedown session for the whole album. Making the album the encapsulation of a full night out, in album form.

Orbital – Belfast HQ


Ennio Morricone – My Name Is Nobody (Main Title)

I’m a big fan of soundtracks in general, and Ennio Morricone is definitely up there with the masters of the genre, especially when taken in the context of the Sergio Leone movies they were written for. That collaboration was the perfect example of artistic synergy between 2 geniuses. This track is upbeat verging on ridiculous, but the chirpy nature is cut by these melancholic minor and diminished chords that turn it into something far more clever and that makes you ponder and reflect. This always puts a smile on my face.

my name is nobody theme song

Tripswitch is launching his new onedotsixtwo label with a musically diverse mix comp in two parts featuring 23 exclusive tracks on Beatport 19th May 2017…
In At The Deep End – Various Artists compiled and mixed by Tripswitch (onedotsixtwo) ODST0001


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