01. Isolée – Allowance

Starting my favourite home listen tracks with Allowance from Isolée. Smooth, easy and dreamy.

Isolée – Allowance (Original Mix)


02. Christian Löffer – York

Christian was one the artist I played my first gig with back in 2013. Since than I a big fan of his music. He has always lots of details in his work and it also sounds very organic.

Christian Löffler – York


03. Noir & Haze – Around (Solomun Vox Mix)

When I have started deejaying, this was one of my top 10 tracks to play. Now I still love the track but only playing it for me at home anymore.

Noir & Haze – Around [Solomun Vox Mix] – NMB037


04. SCB – Loss

When you speak German the vocals sounds like ‘Ab in Van’ which means ‘Get in the van’. First time I noticed, was with friends on a sunny day at a lake, and from that moment on we played the track on repeat.
And so on I still love to play this track at home.

SCB – Loss (original Mix)


05. Agaric – No Way I Know I Feel – Axel Boman Remix

For me this track has a positive vibe and makes me happy. Have a listen and let me know what you think?

No Way I Know I Feel – Axel Boman Remix


06. Laid Back – Bakerman

Who does not like ‘Bakerman’?

Laid Back – Baker Man


07. Nirvana – About A Girl (MTV Unplugged)

I have really good memories with this track from my youth time.

Nirvana – About A Girl (MTV Unplugged)


08. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence

Same with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers track. Good memories coming back while listening. I think everyone
has this tracks connected with good memories.

Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence


09. Fugees – Killing Me Softly With His Song

Never fails playing out at home. As I was some time ago into Hip Hop, of course Fugees and Lauren Hill are
on my list.

Fugees – Killing Me Softly With His Song (Official Video)


10. Hans Zimmer – Interstellar (Main Theme)

I love good movies and Hans Zimmer. Always great progression and dramaturgy in his work.

Interstellar – Main Theme – Hans Zimmer


11. Camille Saint Saens – The Swan

As I play the cello for a long time now, this was and is still my favourite track to play.

Saint-Saens : The Swan ( Le Cygne ) – Carnival of the Animals


Daniele di Martino – Inception EP (Get Physical Music)

This German producer has a stripped back and effective style, with plenty of focus given to his well programmed drums and expertly designed synth sounds. He had a busy 2018 putting out a number of well received EPs and remixes on labels like Bar 25 Music and Katermukke, while the brilliant brace he serves up here confirm his skills once again. Opener ‘Inception’ is a grand affair with thoughtful synths extending up into a cosmic sky. The rattling sheet metal drums drive things along as brooding bass lingers down in the depths. It makes for an all encompassing track that teeters on the edge of blowing up and keeps you locked as a result. The excellent ‘Element’ again has dramatic synths at its core, they change shape and bring a futuristic soul to the rooted drums. Echoing hits and supple melody lines all enrich the track and make it a colourful bit of late night and deep tech house.


Out now… Daniele di Martino – Inception EP (Get Physical Music) Cat No: GPM501