Death Grips – Eh

My Friend Is : If there’s an insane groove to have for hours echoing in the back of your spine, here’s what you should expect if you’re beyond woke.

Death Grips – Eh


Falls – Structured Air

My Friend Is : Waves Like Never Seen Before.

Falls – Structured Air


Lil Ugly Mane – Throw Dem Gunz

My Friend Is : Where Does He Go ? Doing evil deeds…

Lil Ugly Mane – Throw Dem Gunz


Aphex Twin – Rhubarb On Classical Guitar

My Friend Is : The best video and comment section on Youtube ever, for ever.

Aphex Twin – Rhubarb On Classical Guitar


Jana Kramer – I Got The Boy

My Friend Is : The idea that I have of the deep country love spleen.

Jana Kramer – I Got The Boy (Official Music Video)


Helma – Comme ça

My Friend Is : This video feels like a postal card from one to another.

COMME ÇA ("Algo Asi" 2/2)


Ash Koosha – I Feel That

My Friend Is : I always thougth of this track as the perfect hyperballad for the night. It drifts into unknown territory, leaves you feeling something new.

Ash Koosha – I Feel That (Official Video)


Kelela – Do It Again

Keight : The production is an enough amount of everything, then the voice arrives and i just fall in love with her.

Kelela – Do It Again [Prod. NA]


Nosaj Thing – Cold Stares (feat. Chance The Rapper)

Keight : The visual and the track are mind-blowing, i wish that their worlds wold colide more often.

Nosaj Thing – "Cold Stares" feat. Chance The Rapper (Official Video)


Jade Statues – 3 Orbs

Keight : To heal your soul from any pains.


‘Efira’ out now via Embrace Records

DFX02.dxf is the result of My Friend Is – a ”negative folk” band where instruments and machines mate and clash – meets Keight, a producer who was discovered at the 2015 Paris Redbull Music Academy. Together, they give us a glimpse of what 2050 melancholy might look like. It is a future that mixes different genres and mashes together the emotional intensity of folk with the throbbing Trap bass.
.dxf is the love child of My Friend Is and Keight. It pays tribute to influences as diverse as Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Nick Cave and Bon Iver.

.dxf is a new project between French DJ/producer Keight and and electro folk duo My Friend Is. Their debut single ‘EFIRA’ is out now –