When heading back from an evening out; the musical playlist can go one of two ways. The Focus might be to keep the night alive or it might be good to move it into another dimension of thoughtful pieces to apply the sonic icing to the evenings Cake. Fully stocked up on cigarettes, beer and snacks, the records I would reach for are in the order below as a typical ‘Back To Mine’ selection.


1: Vince Watson – ‘Eminescence’ – Yoruba Grooves

I am a huge fan of Vince Watson. A guy who has made music since the 90’s under a collection of Alias’s and his own name. I actually have a section in my studio with so many of his records. This track for me really sums up most emotions. Sitting with friends all gently swaying on the sofa and smiling. Its pretty hard to not fall into this record and appreciate having everyone around you. Its simply beautiful.

Vince Watson – Eminescence


2: Kim English – Nite Life (RETAIL MIX) – Nervous Records

A real classic is next from the legendary Nervous Records. This track got remixed by a huge host of mega talent like Masters at Work, Kenny Dope and Basement Jaxx to mention a few. But the original record is still the best for me. It came out in 95 and has that iconic garage style open hat shuffle, Filthy Kick and bassline that no one can resist to dance to. Kim’s Vocal sums up the night too ‘ now its just a memory far away from here…..The Nite Life… ‘ Another feel good jam from back in the day. Perfect house party piece.

Kim English – Nite Life (RETAIL MIX) – HD 1080p


3: Steve O’Sullivan – Voodoo Woman

Next up is record from my good friend and Mosaic Records collaboration partner Steve O Sullivan. Voodoo Woman is one of personal fav’s from the Big Dawg as I call him. This track is bursting with groove and his signature low end and kick combo. Its kinda spacey this one too with FX heavy riffs and a hypnotic bassline. A real classic slab of wax. Comes on a blue vinyl with the instantly recognisable Blue Spirit stamp. Never leaves my record bag.

Steve O'Sullivan – Voodoo Woman


4: Frazer Campbell – SLEEP .elliot.project.001

Like most producers you can become a bit detatched from your own pieces due to the amount of time they take to make and the promo you do for them but this is probably my favourite production. I released this on the first elliot project back in 2016 and it collects so many aspects of electronic music and mixes them together to give you that sensitive twinkle. I made it with the end of a night in mind so perfect for the after gathering.

Frazer Campbell – SLEEP .elliot.project.001


5: MadderModes – Box It Ken (John Osborn Remix) [DRED006]

Now we start to travel into space and the number one pilot to have is Dred Records chief and my great friend John Osborn. This remix for the MadderModes crew is epic. The 6th release on Dred Records and I have listened to this piece so many times on repeat. Its like a space rocket filled with warm cotton wool… when hearing this there is nothing that will stop the rocket taking off…Nothing. This record is incredible. All tracks are top class so hats off to the MadderModes guys and I am super chuffed to have music coming out on Dred later this year and next year too.

MadderModes – Box It Ken (John Osborn Remix) [DRED006]


6: M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade – Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Interstellar Mix)

While cruising around space the next track has artists that need little introduction. Superstars. The production in this track is so so incredible. So many haunting elements, driving yet subtle tech house style percussion and in perfect harmony with strings, pads and exquisite FX. I must have listened to this track thousands of times and it still gives me butterflies. This is SUPER production. This will take you away from any scenario if you let it. Be warned, the world around you may stop for 9 minutes.

M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade – Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Interstellar Mix)


7: Roosevelt – Sea (Young Marco Remix)

Now firmly into deeper sounds; Young Marco’s remix of Sea for Nu disco extraordinaire Roosevelt. I will never tire of this record. I first heard it on a mix by Ross from Friends I think. That arpy style bassline line is so darn good. Real deal electronic music right here. Warm, packed with good vibes and holds a uniqueness that’s hard to put into words. I really love this record. I play this when I need to cheer myself up, it works a treat.

Roosevelt – Sea (Young Marco Remix)


8: Venice Beach (Original Mix) Kate Simko

This was the soundtrack to a film called 20 Weeks. Kate Simko has a host of beautiful tracks on labels such as Leftroom and Get Physical. She has this incredible ability to create synthy styled hazy vocal house and this record in particular is silky smooth. Jazzy drums and sensual strings this is what you need to kick back to. Has a real Sunday vibe to it. Class.

Venice Beach (Original Mix)


9: Midweek Kebab – Paul Blackford

The title of this makes me smile, there is nothing about Pauls productions that are bad for you. This track is perfection. 80’s styled basslines with a velvet cape thrown over your shoulders on a sunny autumn day. I only recently stumbled across his work on bandcamp and he is a fantastic producer. Sexy smooth electronica to unwind to.


10: Music (Peshay Rework) / LTJ Bukem / NEXUS 002 [1997]

LTJ Bukem……what more to say. The master of D n B. This is the re work of a 97 orignal. No matter how old I grow Drum and Bass will always be the main reason why I fell in love with music. You can easily listen to this within all mind frames. It can soothe, excite, focus and transport you. This is perfection.

Music (Peshay Rework) / LTJ Bukem / NEXUS 002 [1997]

A huge thanks to the DMC team for inviting me and I hope you enjoyed the selection back at my place! F .x.

‘Frazer Campbell – Counterfeit Soul Vol.2’ is out 03/12 on Counterfeit Soul’

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