1. Ruhrpott AG (RAG) – KopfSteinPflaster

Kopfsteinpflaster is a track from a German hiphop crew Ruhrpott AG, in my teenage years I was really into hiphop and this track had a huge part to play in my youth being the first big track I fell in love with and all my musical experience and tastes first started from this point. Even to this day I still enjoy a lot of older German hiphop tracks.

Ruhrpott AG (RAG) – KopfSteinPflaster (1998)


2. Mos Def, Nate Dogg & Pharoah Monch – Oh No

Another track from my youth which had a big influence on me, when I first started to really appreciate music in the late 90’s I could often be found listening to the likes of DelaSoul and Cypress Hill etc..

Mos Def, Nate Dogg & Pharoah Monch – Oh No


3. Harry Belafonte – Love Love Alone

The first time I heard this track was on the soundtrack from Madonnas film W.E. And I was instantly blown away, every time I hear this track it still brings a big smile to my face.

Harry Belafonte – Love, Love, Alone


4. Groove Solution – Magic Melody

When I first started Djing I was given a vinyl copy of this as a gift from a close friend at the time I was totally in love with this stuff.

Groove Solution – Magic Melody


5.Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Pascal F.E.O.S. Treatment Mix)

This one is from my old raving days around the dancefloors of Berlin, to this day Pascal’s remix is still a huge track for me.

Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Pascal F.E.O.S Treatment Mix)


6. Technasia – Force

Another cracking track from the good old rave days, in my opinion Charles Siegling is one of the best DJs on this planet.

Technasia – Force


7. Green Velvet – Flash

No words neeeded for this one, loved it so much that I had 2 vinyl copies!

Green Velvet – Flash (1995)


8. Lexy & K-Paul – Freak

Every time I listen to this record it reminds me of my first visit to love parade in berlin in the age of 13 ! That was the point i started listen to electronic music.

Lexy & K-Paul – Freak


9. Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp

I played this track every day in my young days on vinyl.

Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp (original mix)


10. Jeff Mills – The Bells

Reminds to the great partys we had in one of the best places i know. Tresor Berlin old club at Leipziger Strasse ! Oh the memories I have of that place and this track….

Jeff Mills – The Bells


Goeran Meyer ‘Walking Distance EP’ (MYR)

MYR kicks off 2018 in great fashion with a stellar EP from label boss Goeran Meyer. It is bolstered by remixes from Fallen, Kaiser Waldon and Discase.
Having first fallen for techno thanks to the famous Love Parade, Goeran Meyer has gone on to carve out his own unique sonic niche. Fluent in the art of the deep, his musical style shows great versatility allowing him to craft his sound in any way giving his listeners the approach they need to feel the emotional content which drives his productions so strongly. He applies this same understanding to the label land has made it a young but impressive one as a result. The latest transmission from his studio is another winner and could well be the label’s biggest yet.
Entitled ‘Walking Distance’ it features a groove-filled blend of crunchy, warm drums, punchy driven bass and unexpected turns at every corner as subtle releases of climactic filtering and effects take centre stage. They help bring together the big drops that make this track one that stands out at every stage.
First to remix is Fallen, a South African based DJ and producer who has released on Sleepwalker Records among others. His version is lush and melodic, with real drama and tension in the twinkling keys and broad chords. As they build you can’t help but swell with emotion.
Sydney’s emerging main room house man Kaiser Waldon then steps up. With musical influences across the spectrum, he manages to craft new, moving experiences for the entire dance floor. His version is a perfectly swung house track with long legged drums, swirling pads and a colourful house party atmosphere filled with soul.
Last of all is Discase, a German producer who is on the cusp of breaking through. He mixes up deep and tech house vibes in crowd pleasing ways. His version is deep and broody, with moody bass and chattering claps all taking you late into the night.

Goeran Meyer ‘Walking Distance EP’ (MYR 06) out January 12th 2018