GotSome is UK producer and DJ extraordinaire Adam Gorsky, a man who has been on an upward trajectory since his arrival on the international circuit in 2014. In a short space of time, he has clocked up a series of achievements and career highlights that place him at the forefront of this generation of talented British producers. In the earlier days, Adam’s skills spawned a slew of bass-heavy, dance floor destroyers such as ‘Bassline’, championed by Radio 1’s B.Traits and Annie Mac and signed to Defected Records with a huge package of remixes from house legend Kenny Dope, Friend Within, Chus + Ceballos and Chocolate Puma.

More recently GotSome has returned to his house roots, with releases on Armada, Nervous and an upcoming EP on Sweat It Out in collaboration with Klose One. Ahead of its release, we asked Adam to pick his top afterparty tracks for Back To Mine.

There are two types of after party…. The ones you rave at and ones you chill out at. I’m going to give you my five full on after party bangers and five more chilled numbers for when you’re nearly ready to roll to bed:


1. Soul Clap – Extravaganza

This vocal is originally from a Jamie Fox RnB record. I love what Soul Clap have done in their edit, adding little sampled chops of James Brown’s – ‘Payback’ record. A perfect tune to start the after party off with.

Soul Clap – Extravaganza (feat Jamie Foxx)


2. Cassius – Sound of Violence (Franco Cinelli Remix)

I first heard this tune being played by Jamie Jones at Burning Man 2011/12 just as the sun was going down in the desert and it stuck in my memory since then. I guess this is more of a pre-party tune…. But I played it at many after parties since.

Cassius – The Sound Of Violence (Franco Cinelli Remix) [320k]


3. George Fitzgerald – Child

I love this whole era of music…. Post Dub Step/Future Garage whatever you wanna call it…. People like Mosca, Scuba, Joy Orbison were making some sick ass tunes. This one stuck in my afterhours record box!! Lashy garage hats, Soulful US vocals & lazy deep house chords. What more could you ask for at an after party?

George Fitzgerald – Child (Original Mix)


4. Marcus Intalex – How You Make Me Feel

Can’t forget Marcus Intalex & ST Files (RIP Marcus). I was living in London when this tune came out & was working & DJing at a Drum & Bass night called Movement at the prolific night spot ‘Bar Rumba.’ This tune has so many good memories from that time of my life!

Marcus Intalex & ST Files – How You Make Me Feel (Original)


5. Peshay – Vocal Tune

I first heard this at an after party in my twenties. I think it was on a Fabio mix and I later found out that Peshay sampled an old Strictly Rhythm house record. Funny how a lot of this music stemmed from mid 90s house music.

Peshay – Vocal Tune


6. Burial – Unite

It’s now time to start to wind down….. with the mysterious Burial. I first heard his tune Archangel and was hooked ever since. True British music. You can taste the UK street in it. Garage beats, strings, haunting vocals.

Burial – Unite


7. Mos Def – Baby Slow Down

I started listening to hip hop from an early age and it was one of the first things I DJ’d. I bought two copies of Mos Def – Ms Fat Booty – and learnt how to beat juggle (a form of hip hop djing when you have two of the same records on the turntables and loop the same section again and again so the beat seems endless.

Mos Def – The Panties


8. Aaliyah – We Need A Resolution

You can’t have a slow jam session without a bit of Aaliyah (RIP). I first heard this tune when the singer had just died. I was in HMV buying records when it came on the radio saying that she had just died in a plane crash.

aaliyah we need a resolution


9. Leon Haywood – I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You

The last two in my after party selection are two original Hip Hop samples. This one from Leon Haywood that Dr Dre sampled on Nuttin but a ‘G’ Thang. It’s also good to drop this at an after party to see who knows their sample history… Slightly geeky for an after party I know!

Leon Haywood – I Want a Do Something Freaky To You


10. Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness

My final after party is tune is Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness. I spent weeks trying to locate this record. I’m a massive fan of The Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff’s Summertime. Always good to whack on when the sun is rising for that last dance…

Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness

GotSome and Klose One ‘The Lightening EP is out 07 September 2018 on Sweat It Out.