Yaeji – Raingirl

I love this, very catchy and laid back plus the girl looks really cool. 
She really looks like she doesn’t care which makes me want to be her friend.

Yaeji – Raingurl


Jacques Green – Afterglow

This track gives me wings. It is really perfectly built.

Jacques Greene – Afterglow


Quantic & Nidia Gongora – Amor En Francia

This song always puts a smile on my face.


Rosalía – Pienso en tu míra

I’m really obsessed with her right now, her voice, the production by El Guincho is on point, how traditionnal flamenco and more mordern Pop/Rnb perfectly merge. Her music videos are also very captivating.



Louise Roam – The March

She is a really cool singer/producer from France who did a remix that will be featured on my next EP.
This is the kind of song that you listen to at night on your headphones and you feel transported to an other world.

Louise Roam – The March (clip officiel)


Morfine – Aussi

Morfine is also a producer who did a remix for my EP. I love how she uses her voice in a very soothing, meditative way.

Morfine – Aussi


Iglooghost – Shrine Hacker

This track is crazy, it gives me a rush a adrenaline and make me want to bounce on the walls.

Shrine Hacker (feat. Babii)


Jon Hopkins feat. Purity Ring – Breathe This Air.

One of my favorite producers, his style is really unique. I like how the harsh synth and distorted beat 
contrast with the purity of the voice.

Jon Hopkins – Breathe This Air feat. Purity Ring (Official Video)


Arca – Thievery

Arca – Thievery (Official Video)

I get easily bored with instrumental music but this one is really cool. I’m a big fan of Arca, his beats and textures, and I love
how this synth creates a very haunting melody.

Royksopp & Robyn – Monument

This is the song that i want to slow dance to when i’ve had a couple of drinks. It is sensual and hypnotic, melancholic but not sad.

Röyksopp & Robyn "Monument" (Music Video)


Jeremie Whistler

Emerging Parisian electronic singer / producer Jeremie Whistler, is pleased to announce details of his debut album ‘The Dawn’ due 2019 and will pre-empt it’s release with a haunting video clip for new single ‘Smoke Signals’. Jeremie brings a strong visual concept to his work. From the dreamlike landscapes in the ‘Cold Heart’ video, to the trippy visuals of ‘Holding On’ (shot at the Hunting and Nature Museum in Paris), both directed by Rémy Disch, and the kaleidoscopic ‘Run Into The Sun’, directed by Jeremie himself. He now offers up a new visual clip for ‘Smoke Signals’, an enigmatic tale of unstoppable transformation. On stage, Jeremie wears an ornamental piece made of golden feathers created by artist Xavier Noel, and the band is surrounded with big paper origami that light up in tune with the music. Jeremie details the video: “I wanted to play with the set up that I use on stage, an installation of origami/lights that turn on and off according to the music. I wanted to use the hypnotic potential of this installation to accompany the story of an interaction between two sides of myself; naive and evil. I was interested in playing with the notion of transformation with the help of drag artist Clemence Trü”.
Described by French tastemaker publication Les Inrocks as “tour de force, an artist possessing a unique emotional fragility”. The acclaimed debut EP ‘Flakes’, co-produced with Angelo Foley (Christine & The Queens) and Apollo Noir (Tigersushi), drew comparisons with James Blake’s dark electronica ballads and Björk’s quirky eclecticism; and spawned the two singles ‘Cold Heart’ and ‘Run Into The Sun’. Having been ensconced in the studio writing, Jeremie is now ready to release his first long player effort, ‘The Dawn’, 13 majestic tracks of dark, emotive electronica with a melancholic emotional core.
He says: “‘The Dawn’ is a collection of songs about surrealistic dreams and failed love stories. It heralds a new life, in which past hurts are left behind after they take shape. Sonically, I wanted to merge electronic and acoustic sounds and create lush and dark atmospheres. I also wanted to
work as alone as possible to try and reach pure emotion, inviting now and then close collaborators.”