Kaiser Souzai is a unique talent, even in a scene that prides itself on being just that. A prolific label owner, DJ and producer, the German native has been active on the scene for over two decades and has repped some of the finest and most renowned labels during that time, while his remixing skills have also brought him to the attention of some of the scene’s elite. Now heavily preoccupied with his label, the worth-checking-out Ballroom imprint, Kaiser is nothing if not a fitting addition to the Back 2 Mine series. Here’s what happened when we asked him for some of his favourite such records recently…

“When looking for songs, I kind of fell into a mood of yearning, so all the tracks here have that same kind of mood except maybe Bolero, which is a bit more upbeat. Otherwise these songs sit well after the after after after after. So this turned out to be a collection of must-hears, not be be forgotten through out time, although this sounds a bit bold having two tracks of mine in here. So forgive me my forwardness! Anyway, here goes…”


Kaiser Souzai – ‘Bolero’

A happy beach and a summer song for the outdoors aftermath. I played my Les Paul Gold Top guitar to rip Maurice Ravel’s Bolero theme into a short guitar snippet. I wrote this song a while ago and I still like it. You might also.

Kaiser Souzai – Bolero (Original Mix) HQ


Goldfrapp – ‘Utopia’

Still one my favourite of all times from Goldfrapp. Lucid Dreaming under stardrunken sky, forever, never to to get up again. If dying was like this, I’d do it very day.

Goldfrapp – Utopia


Portishead – ‘Glory Box’

Back to the glorious Nineties, when videos where shot on analog film for MTV. This one is inspired by George Harrison’s guitar playing. Even if the band does not know it.

Portishead – Glory Box


Massive Attack – ‘Teardrop’

The mother of all trip-hop pop songs. Divine in production and songwriting. No words needed.

Massive Attack – Teardrop


Kaiser Souzai – ‘1976’

Possibly the most overdone electronic fusion I have ever written and produced. I played all instruments, legions of guitars and percussion. Influenced by my favourite supergroup “Yes” and their song, ‘Starship Troopers’.

Kaiser Souzai – 1976 (Trapez Ltd 137.5)


David Sylvian – ‘Let the Happiness In’

A master songwriter and former band member of Japan at the peak of his art with this song. Check out his collabs with Ryuichi Sakamoto, maybe best known for their soundtrack song of Good Morning Mr Lawrence starring David Bowie with a stunning performance.

David Sylvian – Let the happiness in


Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou (better knows as Vangelis) – ‘Blade Runner Love Theme’

One of the most beautiful love theme songs made for movies, the mastermind Vangelis composed this one for the 80s movie Blade Runner starring Harrison Ford and
Sean Young as the Android Harrison falls in love with. How could you not fall in love hearing this soundtrack?

Blade Runner-Love Theme-Full version


Pink Floyd – ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’

Maybe Pink Floyd’s most epic and dramatic song ever. Pass me that joint. “Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond. Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.” The song is about Sid Barrett, a former band member , whose long drubabuse made him psychotic and eventually killed him.

Pink Floyd – Shine On You Crazy Diamond [ Official Music Video ]


The Beatles  – ’Long, Long, Long’

The last track before you pass out, when your mind is dim as a lake in Middle earth where no elves ever dwelt. George Harrison of the Beatles wrote this song about him finding god. On the Beatles’ ‘White Album’, I think he found him.

Long, long, long – The Beatles [Original]


Genesis – ‘Guide Vocal’

1min 30 seconds of saying goodbye. Drift off, let go. I never understood the vocals, but I always felt them.

Genesis – Guide Vocal