01. Neil Young – Old Man (Live Version)

Neil Young is for me a one of the most important artists… I listen to him since I am a child.
He is also a reason why I start playing guitar. Really enjoy the way he makes an atmosphere with only a few elements. Its also really important in the process of how I compose techno music. I love the vibe and mood that one man can create with only a guitar and voice.



02. Neil Young – My My Hey Hey (out of the blue)

The first tune I learned on my guitar, and yes, I really love Neil Young! So here is another of his tracks in my selection. My dad showed me this track and he is a really good musician, he played it from time to time on his guitar and would sing to me. The atmosphere of this track is great too, you don’t need much to make a big track these days. Keep it simple.

Neil Young – My my, hey hey (Out of the blue)


03. Jerry Reed – Hallelujah I Love Her So (Acoustic Solo Version)

So raw and to the point! Combines blues, gospel and country. This is a track which I have taken so much inspiration from. Every guitar beginner asks himself the same question “What kind of guitar is right for me?” – I decided to play a classical acoustic guitar. This is a track which helped me to discover Jerry Reed. He uses this instrument like no one else.

Jerry Reed "Hallelujah I Love Her So" & "Mountain Dew" Country Carnival 1969


04. Ed Sheeran – You Need Me, I Don’t Need You (Studio Solo Version)

I know a lot of people think that pop is shit, but I do not. And I am a really big fan of Ed Sheeran. I bet you were not expecting that! I like him because his live performance is so amazing, he works like a techno musician and he only uses his voice and a guitar along with a loop pedal to create such an atmosphere. What he delivers are really amazing pop songs, which a lot of people can relate and sing to. I just love watching him play.

Ed Sheeran – "You Need Me, I Don't Need You" captured in The Live Room


05. James Holden – 10101

I love this tune, a mix between minimal drums and sounds with a big melodic vibe. This is the only electronic track which I picked for this selection, because for me this one is an important one. I never heard a synth modulation like that before. Every time the melody comes in, I get goosebumps. I played that track from time to time in my sets before a closing tune. People always ask me what it is….so here it is!



06. Diana Ross – My House (John Mayer’s Solo Guitar Reedit)

I enjoyed this version of Diana Ross a lot. Respect to the ultra-talented John Mayer – wow!
I honestly think that John Mayer is one of the younger guitar heroes of our time, his musical range is anything from rock to pop. He played Diana Ross and Jimi Hendrix in both really individual styles. He is a real musician, for musicians.

John Mayer Surprises Andy Cohen With A Diana Ross Cover | WWHL


07. James Taylor – Steam Roller Blues (live acoustic version)

The heaviest blues I know. James Taylor is really special for me, his own style of playing guitar and singing is absolutely amazing. This song was performed by Elvis Presley, if you write a song and the king himself played it – nothing more you can really say! You also should check out his tune ‘Fire and Rain’ if you like this one.

James Taylor – Steam Roller Blues (live acoustic)


08. Stereo MC’s – Traffic

Amazing groove and a good lyric are always going to make a good song. This is also another track which I heard through my parents for the first time. I really like the groove and the vibe that the Stereo MC’s create. I saw they playing at Sonne Mond und Sterne Festival live and it was mind blowing! It’s also really good music to dance to. I think!

Stereo MC's – "Traffic"


09. Sade – Paradise

I love her voice – its moody, smooth music for sunset moment. One of my long car drive songs for sure. You get the feeling that she is only singing for you when you listen to her tracks. She can pack so much emotion into her music.

Sade – Paradise (Official Video)


10. Doc Watson – Deep River Blues

A true blues classic that every blues fan must know……Fingerpicking at its best!

Doc Watson – Deep River Blues (1991)