Lukas Lyrestam is the Swedish born, London dwelling artist behind Clouded House records, a recently established label with an agenda that veers towards the classier side of house music. An esteemed selector, this is certainly something that shines through on his picks here for our ‘Back 2 Mine’ series. We’ll let Lukas take it from here…

There’s nothing quite as rewarding as opening a trap door into a musical universe I had no idea existed. For me, ‘back to mine’ could mean a post-rave sunshine comedown, close friends attending a post dinner or the cherry on top of a successful date. Here’s a selection of 10 killer records from my collection that cover all of my bases and touches on some of the records that inspired me to get into music in the first place. Hopefully they’ll introduce you to something new and exciting!


Water No Get Enemy – Fela Kuti

An instant afro-classic this, something I can stick on as soon as I walk through the door and the musicality and rhythm puts me in an tribaly mood (in the right way that is) This record is a great-way to gauge people’s general party attitude, if it’s a success I can keep going in this vein and if not there’s more potent material right around the corner.

Fela Kuti – Water no get enemy


Ooh What A Life (Gerd Janson & Shan Edit) – Gibson Brothers

A supergroup edit of Gerd Janson and Shan can do no wrong am I right!? Though this only came out a few weeks it’s quickly turning out to be staple of my everyday listening as well as sets playing out. A classy, uplifting re-work which is guaranteed to rouse any tired stragglers that have ended up at my impromptu get together. As an added bonus it’s available for a bargain $1 over on the Running Back band-camp page.

Gibson Brothers – Ooh What A Life (Gerd Janson & Shan Edit)


Double Cup – DJ Rashad

Unique and groundbreaking, DJ Rashad’s ‘Double Cup’ was a bit of a revelation for me especially as someone who hadn’t previously explored juke or footwork. This comes highly recommended, combining the best of golden age hip-hop with cutting edge sound-design, RIP Rashad.

Double Cup (feat. Spinn)

What You Won’t Do For Love – Bobby Caldwell

A special one for me, and unfortunately the only track Bobby Caldwell is widely known for. Rich late 70’s production and captivating vocal from an underrated hero of mine.

Bobby Caldwell – What You Won't Do For Love (Slayd5000)


Put Your Back Into It – Peven Everett

Such a party starter this and it maintains a really classy energy all the way through. It’s soul, house and weird all at the same-time strung together by the incredible voice that is Peven Everett – very pleased that a re-issue of this came out recently as prices on discogs for an original copy are fetching $100!

Peven Everett – Put Your Back Into It (original mix)


Do It Your Way – Mood II Swing

Silky smooth from the original masters of deep house. Somehow manages to stay both interesting and cool for a breezy 9 house-music epic.

Mood II Swing, John Ciafone – Do it your way


Dead Come Alive – Neneh Cherry

I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t try and spread people’s horizons a bit. Rescued from Trevor Jackson’s archives, this disco-punk metal hybrid manages to be both schizophrenic and funky at the same time, really quiet a special one that can be the diamond in the rough when deployed correctly in a DJ set.


Crystal (Servito’s 730 Reshape) – Justin Cudmore

Acid-house of the highest order, long time player Mike Servito has turned this Justin Cudmore track into a banger for the ages. Ideal for a full-throttle, ten beers down kind of party.

Justin Cudmore – Crystal (Mike Servito's 730 Reshape)- [Honey Soundsystem]


Mad Disrespect – Anthony Naples

Sleeper hit with a classy vocal sample, this has been in my record collection for a few years now and always sets the mood when I’m entertaining. One of those rare house records that manages to be both credible and musically accessible to an unitiated listener.

Anthony Naples – Mad Disrespect


Strange Emotion – Jezzy Lanza

The parties over, reality is starting to kick in and what better way to say goodbye than with a good ol’ cry over this emotional vocal belter from Jessy Lanza. Jessy if you are reading this, please play it in some forthcoming shows so I won’t have to keep yelling it every time I go see and your amazing live-show.

Strange Emotion- Jessy Lanza


Sthlm 4ever (ft. Lukas Lyrestam, Gideon Forceman and Ludvig Frazan) is out at the end of this month on Clouded House