1. Fatimah Yamaha – What’s A Girl To Do

The best song for when the lights come back on. Weirdly minimalist, but very catchy and with a great sample by one of the best voices of this century.

Fatima Yamaha – What's A Girl To Do (Done031)

2. Bonobo – Cirrus

The track that lured me away from guitars and high school rock bands and into whatever the hell this was. The absolutely mindblowing video didn’t hurt either. A testament to the power of cutting and pasting.

Bonobo : Cirrus [Official Video]

3. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

An absolute classic that was eons ahead of its time, and packs more innovation per minute than any other track I know. And a lot of raw Ringo power.

Tomorrow Never Knows (Remastered 2009)

4. Moondog – Marimba Mondo II

Hard to make heads or tails of this track, but as a story it makes so much sense. Which is the magic of Moondog.

Moondog – Marimba Mondo 2

5. Sonique – It Feels So Good

Excellent chorus. Backing vocals to die for. 90s energy I return to every couple of months.

It Feels So Good (Radio Edit)

6. Ross From Friends – Project Cybersyn

A song with ultra modern sound design that embraces everything from classic drummachine sounds to dying, fizzling laptop sounds to cheesy sax solos. And makes it all work brilliantly. 

7. Shigeo Sekito – The Word II

A soothing melody for a world of neon. Sampled by Mac DeMarco but the original just hits harder.

Shigeo Sekito – the word II

8. GusGus – Within You

The sound of the synth just does it for me. Add melancholic strings and I’m sold.

Gus Gus – Within You

9. Caribou – Second Chance

The warpy, choppy chords grab hold of you at 00.00 and never let you go. Also, I can never remember when the key change comes, so that’s always a nice surprise.

CARIBOU – Second Chance

10. Simian Mobile Disco – Tangents

Made with modular synths, wires and turning a lot of knobs, which is basically the way I like to work. Never has this modus operandi sounded better than on SMDs Whorl album. Outlandish but controlled.

Simian Mobile Disco – Tangents

Melawati – Daliah (inc. Maceo Plex and Tale of Us Remixes) – Ellum Audio

Hailing from Amsterdam, Melawati, also known as Melawati Modular, is a composer, sound designer, avid lover of modular synths, and an experimental live electronic music artist making his debut on Ellum Audio. His beautiful single also features two astounding remixes by the maestro and label head Maceo Plex and melancholic masters Tale of Us. The excellent ‘Daliah’ is a smooth and seductive journey through lush melody andproductive synth work. Those synths come in various forms, from fluid smears to more pixelated stabs. The restless breakbeats below his humming tunes add to the sense of adventure as you race through the cosmos on the galactic journey Melawati has created. Maceo Plex steps up to remix, with a version that has tense, textured chord vamps, punchy kicks, and enigmatic twinkling keys raining down from above. It is epic and cinematic and a perfect fit for his always far-gazing label. Finally, the acclaimed Italian duo treats us with their excellent remix. Tale of US flip the cut into a spacious melodic techno track with dramatic breakdowns, big chord builds, and a cruising groove that will carry the auditor into the next dimension.
Melawati – Daliah (inc. Maceo Plex and Tale of Us Remixes) – Ellum AudioRelease: 23rd July / 21st AugustCat. No.: ELL062Format: digital / vinyl