Joni Mitchell – Case of You (Vince Mendoza arrangement)

An incredible song by the incomparable Joni Mitchell, rendered even more beautiful by the orchestral arrangement of Vince Mendoza. Moving and simply stunning.

Joni Mitchell – A Case of You


Bernard Hermann – Taxi Driver

This is a beautiful piece of music, for many reasons. Firstly, it was the very last score by the great Bernard Hermann (better known for his extensive collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock), as he literally died hours after conducting the final recording sessions. Secondly, it is a departure from Hermann’s usual style,
with a rather laid-back jazz theme, but it really captures the sleazy setting of NYC’s night life and Scorsese’s dark underworld. Superb!

Bernard Herrmann – Taxi Driver (theme)


Ute Lemper – Little Water Song

Again lots of talent here at work. This song is written by Nick Cave, sung by the amazing Ute Lemper and used in the soundtrack of the unusual, but very interesting movie ‘Romance & Cigarette’, directed by another extremely talented man, John Turturro.

Kate Winslet – Little Water Song


Pat Metheny Group – Third Wind

Pat Metheny has achieved so much as a musician. Constantly studying, working, touring, improving and always creating incredible music. Particularly with the Group, he also explores new musical worlds and technologies, maintaining his integrity as a jazz musician. Honestly, best concert ever!

Pat Metheny and The Metropole Orchestra (2003) ~ Third Wind


George Benson & The Count Basie Orchestra – (Robert Farnon – Arranger) A portrait of Jenny

Because of his more commercial success, most people forget that George Benson is an incredible singer and guitar player (one of the greatest, in the tradition of Wes Montgomery, etc.). Add the Count Basie Orchestra arranged by the great British arranger Robert Farnon and you get one of my favourite songs

George Benson e Count Basie Orchestra -Portrait of Jennie


Astor Piazzolla – Tango Zero Hour (Full Album)

I had to include the whole album, because the quality of the composition, of the musicians, the performance and the production are truly the culmination of Astor
Piazzolla’s splendid career. All his talent, experience and his contribution to the tradition and the evolution of the genre are beautifully distilled into this 45 minute masterpiece.

Astor Piazolla: "Tango: Zero Hour" – 1986


Alan Silvestri – Predator

I love this soundtrack because Silvestri manages to write a classic score, combining to perfection the lush Hollywood sound with a stunning arrangement of percussions, which contains so many iconic musical moments, just on its own.The movie is also very cool and even old Arnie does a pretty decent job.

Predator Soundtrack – Main Title


Michael Brecker – Pilgrimage – Concord Jazz

This song and the album it is taken from, is a serious musical marathon, where all the very best athletes involved produce their absolute best to give justice to the greatness of Michael Brecker’s compositions and musicianship. Brecker plays his ass off, despite being terminally ill at the time of the recording. A miracle of talent and will power.

Michael Brecker – Anagram (Pilgrimage, 2007)


Brian Kennedy – Hollow

When I heard this album for the first time, I wasn’t sure whether it was Joni Mitchell or Christopher Cross gone folky! I instantly loved the voice, the lyrics, the instrumentation and the incredible musicianship.

Brian Kennedy – Hollow 1990


Jazzinho – Constellacao

This is a song I co–wrote with singer Guida De Palma and produced a while back. It was a small tribute to the jazz influenced Brazilian music I deeply love. Together with several close friends who happen to be amazing musicians, we had a great time recording a whole album. Good times!

Jazzinho – Constelacao

Genetic Funk & Michelle Weeks ‘Love Life’ (Michele Chiavarini & Genetic Funk Remixes) is out now on Grounded Records.