Iamalex – Changed

“I remember listening to this track during my first 2018 trip to the USA. It was in California and that song used to put me in a very good mood. Picture this, the sound of “Changed” – a car and a ride in L.A. Perfect match!”


Dux – Future

“This one is also a USA memory but from my last April tour. I had the chance to share the tour bus with Gramatik’s crew and when we were about to cross the Canadian border at a very early hour of the day, his staff was listening to this track. I was half sleeping and remember that the guys tried to stay awake enjoying the good vibes of “Future”. Since then, I listen this track on repeat and share it with my own touring crew now!”

Dux f. Stan Carrizosa - Future (Official Video)


Tom Misch – Lost In Paris

“Wow Tom Misch man! Pure artist! I discovered him when I was in London and I’ve been following his career for a while now. True story, I even did 12 hours of train to see him performing live last March. And as it was in Paris, I choose specifically “Lost in Paris” for my playlist. Big up to that incredible artist!”

Tom Misch - Lost In Paris (feat. GoldLink) [Audio]


Cosmo’s Midnight, Buddy, Jay Prince – Low Key

“Ok 4th track and I can’t keep talking about travel. Cosmo’s Midnight is a memory from Australia. I had just finished a 6-month roadtrip, found an appartement and decided to experience the Melbourne life. They were playing in a bar 20-min from my house and I came with a bunch of friends to enjoy their set. This track is really cool too and I love it to warm up a party. The rap is dope!”

Cosmo's Midnight - Lowkey (Visualizer) ft. Buddy, Jay Prince


Parcels – Gamesofluck

“Again, it is on the road that I discover most of the bands that I listen to. Parcels are from Australia, the singer is a friend of a friend and I remember listening for the 1st time Gamesofluck while touring in Germany. It’s a most chill track but very funky and you can hear that Daft Punk is not too far away from this band. Maybe a good track to finish a party or on your way back home.”

Parcels ~ Gamesofluck


Two Another – Aiming Up

“This is the future! Very chill Australian song. It has been on repeat during my Australian trip and the composition of my first album Panorama. I recommend this track to smoothly start a party at your place with your friends. Just what you need to get in the mood!”

Two Another - Aiming Up

Goldwash –  Episode

“Ok so Goldwash and I are friends! Hehe a biased choice but I can’t help, I love this guy so much! We met in L.A last year and I had the chance to listen to his album a bit before anyone else and trust me, he is SO talented! “Episode” is a good track to discover his high pitched voice and universe. I truly recommend this artist and… we are working together at the moment. Just sayin’.”

Goldwash - Episode


Myd – The Sun

“I love Mac Demarco’s universe and for me, Myd is really similar but with an additional French Touch that I love. This track is cool, the videoclip is fun and yes, it has been on my “at home” playlist for a while. I recommend ;).”

Myd - The Sun (Official Audio)


Flo the Kid  – Peep My Style

“Flo the Kid is a very good friend of mine. He does rap on some of my prods and performs with me on tour. I really support his project, participated to his crowfunding campaign and really love his voice. So yes, at home, I love listening to my friends. It’s like having them in the apartment.”

Flo the kid - Peep my style (part II)


Dua Lipa – IDGAF (Darius Remix)

“Darius has been part of my influences for a while. He is French, talented and this remix of Dua Lipa is really dope. To be honest I wasn’t familiar to the original song before discovering his remix and I think that I really prefer his version. Perfect track to listen with friends that love Dua Lipa without having to turning the radio on.”



Møme - Møme - Møment I (Live Session / Bali) ft. JPL



Hotly tipped electronic French producer Møme is releasing a brand new cross genre 2-track EP ‘Møments I’. The first of a 3-part EP series showcasing new tracks from his second full length album due 2019.
Møme travels the world to compose and play live. Always on the road, he initiated a 6-month road trip in 2015 to meet Australian artists and record his first album ‘Panorama’ in his home-studio Van. The hit ‘Aloha’ with the Byron Bay singer Merryn Jeann, offered him a triple diamond record and recognition in France and beyond. Møme’s first album was released on November 25th, 2016.
On stage Møme is a true performer, playing live the guitar, the keyboard and inviting featuring to jam with, like the Californian Mr J. Medeiros on the track ‘Let’s Go’ or Petit Biscuit with who he composed ‘Gravitation’.
During his one-year tour, Møme played in the most famous European festivals (Roskilde, Paleo, Dour, Ms Dockville) and got thousand-ticket sold out gigs every time he played as headliner in Paris (La Cigale, The Olympia…). Møme also offered his fans 3 incredibles live sessions, in front of the Sydney Opera, at the Eiffel Tower and more recently, in the middle of the Tahitian turquoise waters.
In 2018, Møme is ready to introduce his French touch in the USA. After a writing session in L.A and  the tour support of Gramatik last February and April, he performed in more than 15 venues all around California and the East Coast. In NY, his first headliner show at Rough Trade got sold out.
Finally, this June, Møme invites his fans to Indonesia to discover the launch of his new concept Møment. Until his second album release (2019), Møme will tease his fans with three Møments, each including two tracks, a videoclip, one live session and a country to discover.

Møme – double A side single ‘Canggu / When We Ride’ is out now.