‘Back To Mine?’ is an offer most club goers are used to hearing at the end of a night out. For us it was always back to the lab, where we would press record and mix until we drop. It gave us a chance to find the gems and alternative tracks on a record, as well as play those tracks that don’t always make it onto the dance floor. So here are some of those tracks…


Lovers Theme – O. Xander

This is one of those no words needed tracks; take a listen… it stinks of an afterparty! Love the video too!!!

O. Xander – Lovers Theme


OdD 1.9

One of our own tracks that first got played at an after party in London, we had just cut a dub plate and wanted to test it out, the vocal on the track ’17 hours later ’ was taken from a voice recording of Damian telling a story about an after party… worked so well we released it!

OdD Music – OdD 1.9


Chaz n Trent – Morning Factory

The clue is in the title. A morning tracks that uplifts and hypnotizes you at the same time!

Chez N Trent – Morning Factory (Prescription)


Oosco – Antwerpen

Found this record in Spacehall -Berlin , it hasn’t left the after party bag since.



A record to be played at any hour … its got the energy to get you moving if you needed picking up at an afters… but also nice, gritty and spooky!!

STL – Paku Paku


DBX – Losing Control Robert Hood Remix

Always does the trick!

DBX – Losing Control Robert Hood Remix (Losing Control remixes [Peacefrog Records] )


Benjamin Brunn – Blankenese Girl

Before we had even listened to this track the title got our interest ‘Hi Tide Lo Fi – Blankenese Girl’ then you flip the sleeve and read ‘The lights had already been switched on when the beat finally faded out. Somebody opened a door and the noise of a new day came creeping in. She took his hand and they went outside: Come on, lets find another place’ This track is made for the after party.

Benjamin Brunn – Blankenese Girl


North Hex (Patrick Russell Reshape)

One of those tracks that gets the upside down smile when it gets played!

Erika – North Hex (Patrick Russell Reshape)


OdD – Outer Dimensional Dub

One of our earlier tracks out on Moscow Records in 2014, made to make you feel like you’re in another dimension.


OdD – Nine

Nine is the B.2 on our latest release ‘Stroboscope’. Would stick this on anytime of day or night.