1. Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love

I was 3 years when the film Saturday Night Fever came out. I remember that at time my father used to work for Braniff International (an airline), so for someone living in Colombia he had access to a lot of things you did’t get there at that time. One of this things were all these vinyls pressed in the USA, the UK and faraway. He had a huge record collection covering all kind of styles, but the records you didn’t get in Colombia were treated in a different way, because they couldn’t be replaced just like this. So it was absolutely forbidden to me to touch these records. It could be any other record the first I mentioned here, but this one is the first record I was allow to play by my self, choose the song, put the needle on the record and play. By the way, I still own these record and it doesn’t have not even one scratch!

Bee Gees – How Deep Is Your Love (Official Video)


2. Willie Colon – Volar A Puerto Rico

At the age of almost 8 years my parents my baby sister and I moved to Germany, I had very young parents, like some adventurers kids. So the decision was made and there we were. For me it was one of the most hardest experience in my life. Listening to these song, the lyrics made me think of my family, I had an enormous family like it is usual in South America. A record that make me hold on to my roots, like many other records of Salsa, Cumbia and other tropical styles, that kept me strong all over the years helping me to hold on to my identity.

Volar A Puerto Rico → Willie Colón


3. Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five – Scorpio

The first time I heard this song it completely blow my mind. The mixture of the beats, the vocoder, the heavy funk bassline and all those weird synth sounds, this was exactly the sound I was missing without knowing. One of these records you can always find in my recordbag and it is still blowing my mind.

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five – Scorpio


4. Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft (DAF) – Was Ziehst Du An Heute Nacht

The first friends my parents made when we arrived in Germany were a couple who lived in the house next to us. He was a musician like my father so they get very good friends right away. He played keyboards in a band. In their house he had an huge studio surrounded by all those roland classics, and when I say all I mean all. It was like paradise, synthesizers, drum machines and on the top a fantastic vinyl collection of music which wasn’t very known for many people at that time, it was like immersing into a whole new dimension and there it was when I discovered this band and this track!

DAF – Was Ziehst Du An Heute Nacht


5. Los Prisioneros – Por Favor

This track is part of the beginning of a revolution called ROCK EN ESPAÑOL, it’s the moment in South America, when people started to hear rock and pop in spanish, latin american and some spanish bands were delivering the soundtrack to a whole generation, given them a new identity. It’s also at this time where my family and I returned to Colombia. A next step into music and the start of playing and singing in different of bands.

Los Prisioneros – Por Favor


6. Joe Arroyo – La Noche

Every time I hear this track, I have to dance and I feel good. It’s a mixture of so many different styles of tropical music, but it is so Colombian at the same time, it’s a f…ckin’ bomb. This is also a record which is always in my recordbag.

Joe Arroyo – La Noche


7. Queen – Cool Cat

I have to be honest, I discovered this song not very long ago. I was traveling and I walked by a record store and like always I couldn’t resist, so I stepped in. I found different things, all of them fantastic. I bought this record from Queen, without listening to it, but I saw that the song UNDER PRESSURE was on the vinyl. A few days later when I got back home I listened to the whole record and what a great surprise when I heard this song! Now I know I can’t live without this song.

Queen – Cool cat


8. Raoul Denis Jr. – Sukaina

This was a huge hit in the caribbean and it was covered also by several bands in different types of tropical styles, but this one, the original one, is an all time favorite, a real romantic souk bomb, the sounds of the synths are amazing and it makes me feel like I am again 12 years old.

SUKAINA por RAOUL DENIS JR. – Música Premium


9. Elio Pacheco & La Mafia Latina – Sabor a Caney

I listen to this song every time I need to get mad and strong. This song makes me high of happiness, it’s some sort of magic portion to my mind and soul.



10. Shinehead – Billie Jean

I think having a Michael Jackson song in a selection like this is a must. I choose this version by Shinehead, which makes me go insane every time I listen to it. It’s the kind of track you never want to end. I remember some years ago I was playing in club and the dj before me was playing really fast and hard. So I needed to do something radical to start my set, I pulled out this record of recordbag and played it. At the beginig people looked at me like, what the f..ck, but once they got catched, they went mad. I had to play the record 5 times in a row.

Shinehead – Billie Jean

Paulo Olarte Sueños (Infradig Records)

Paulo Olarte takes the reins for the next Infradig Records release, and alongside his top two originals is a remix from Canadian veteran Jay Tripwire. Paulo Olarte has been making essential dance tracks for a decade now. He does so on labels like Galaktika, Polytine and Diynamic as well as his own label Gala. His grooves are always warm and filled with narrative and the atmospheric brace he serves up here is no different. The EP kicks off in immediately interesting fashion with ‘Modulos’, a fathom-deep, unhurried house track with large rubber slabs of kick drum that set a fine mid tempo groove. Swirling pads give real scale and scattered hits bring a little bite that drives things forwards. Spiritual and cerebral, this is a timeless bit of deep house for the early hours. Canadian Jay Tripwire is a well established artist with his own unique take on tech. Often taking things down a freaky late night path, he has assured credits on labels like Bass Culture and Poker Flat. His vital remix here is prickly and icy, with cosmic pads
extending off to the horizon and a little more drive in the drums. The last original is ‘Eternal’, another high class track, and this time one that journeys to the edge of the galaxy with some emotive piano keys dancing over a languid and elastic bassline that does slow acrobatics. Whispered vocals are the sensuous finishing touch that really top things off in style.
Paulo Olarte Sueños (Infradig Records) Cat. No.: IDR055 Out Now!