1. Schneider TM – Light 3000

I first heard this played by John Peel on the radio late one night on a dark and rainy drive back to London from Manchester, a magnificent cover of the truly magnificent original.

Schneider TM – The Light 3000


2. John Carpenters Halloween – Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Version

John Carpenters films, and scores, had a profound effect on my youth. This version of Halloween by Oscar winning duo and Nine Inch Nails supremo’s Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross is completely respectful to the original whilst taking this incredible piece of music to an equally disturbing crescendo.

John Carpenter's Halloween by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross (Official Audio)


3. Pete Shelley – Witness the Change (Dub)

Post Punk/New Wave Dub remix of Pete Shelleys Witness the Change, sampled by the uber cheesy track by ‘Sined Roza’, hammered by Sasha in the early 90’s, sadly not an improvement on the Dub.. A great bootleg version exists where it morphs into ‘I don’t know what it is’ with Drinking Electricity – Superstition on the other side.

Pete Shelley – Witness The Change (Dub Version) – 1981


4. MAURICE – This is Acid (I new dance craze)

Probably one my most defining musical experiences, as an impressionable 16 year old in the Hacienda on a Friday night Summer of ’88, when Mike Pickering dropped this Maurice Joshua classic.

MAURICE – This Is Acid (A New Dance Craze) [HD SOUND]


5. Djrum – SEX

Excellent track from the 2018 album ‘Portrait with Firewood’ on R&S Records. Lots of different influences can be heard through the journey of this futuristic track that is rooted in so many different genres. Super production.


6. Zsa Zsa La Boum – Something Scary

1988 Belgian New Beat release on KAOS Dance Records, Acid sounds accompanied by vocal sample from the 1981 horror film ‘The Entity’ best of both worlds.

Zsa zsa la boum – Something scary


7. Gabe Gurnsey – New Kind

I’m a big Factory Floor fan so its was great to see Gabe release his first solo album last year ‘Physical’ on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy record label. New Kind reminds me modern day Talk Talk or Talking Heads pop but not. I’ve been lucky to work with Gabe on a couple of projects, ACID03 & ACIDWINTER (R&S Records) and also feature two GG remixes on the next EP, Treating Patient B.

Gabe Gurnsey – New Kind [PHLP10]


8. Mr Flagio – Take a Chance

I cant really list a top 10 without including some Italo vocoder driven kitsch, so here it is. Produced by Bill Laswell & Michael Beinhorn of Material and released and released on ZYX Records circa ’83.

Mr. Flagio – Take a Chance (Italo-disco 1983)


9. AFX – Analord – series 01 to 11.

The Analord series by Aphex Twin are all so fucking good that I couldn’t possibly pick one single track or EP so I have listed the whole series as number 9 in the list. Using predominantly analogue equipment and, allegedly, a homage to acid house and rave (such as LFO LFO et al) the series was released initially and randomly as eleven 12” records on Rephlex in 2005. Not so randomly 01 Microprocesor below.

AFX – Analord 1 (w. Bonus Tracks)


10. Lassigue Bendthaus – Ashes to Ashes (Digital Space Pop Replicant)

I started with an electro version of an iconic 80’s tune so I thought it would be rude not to finish in a similar fashion. I was sent a copy of this by Zzonked almost 20 years ago, it still gets an airing as I never tire of hearing it. Also an electro version James Brown’s Superbad on the other side just in case you needed to be further convinced.

LASSIGUE BENDTHAUS Ashes To Ashes [Digital Spacepop Replicant]

People Places & Things – Treating Patient B EP (AFAS Records)

Places & Things with Gabe Gurnsey on the remix. Over the last 12 months, People Places & Things has released on the likes of the legendary R&S Records, as well as here on Art For Arts Sake (AFAS) with two releases that soundtracked the Adidas Spezial campaign. An artist with roots going back decades, he sites uncompromising acid house, M25 era rave music, Boards of Canada’s blissful ambient and eighties soundtracks as having influenced his work. Here, two more terrific journeying tracks, inspired by a recent trip to LA get served up, to further cement his reputation.
Things kick off with the brilliantly inventive ‘Funf’, a stirring soundtrack of glass synths and whirring machine sounds, with broken drum rhythms and celestial pads all interacting with each other to uplifting and cathartic effect. Gabe Gurnsey is the man who founded the Factory Floor band and since then has served up sleek industrial techno and acid basslines on labels like Phantasy, who put out his album last year. Here he remixes ‘Funf’ into a collision of dancehall kicks, endless reverb and contorted synths that will freak out the floor in twisted fashion. The second superb original is ‘Sechs’, an 11-minute opus with haunting lead synth lines that hark back to John Carpenter’s best work, as IDM textures and twisted drums build the intensity and drive things forwards. It’s an epic track that is genre blurring and excellent in equal measure. In the hands of Gurnsey it becomes a downbeat piece of experimental beat work. Sci-fi synths, doom laden pads and broken drums all make for a perfectly dystopian vibe that will have warehouses in awe. This is a brave, forward looking EP that fuses together a range of styles, textures and ideas into beguiling new forms and marks the centerpiece in a trilogy of releases, with ‘Treating Patient C’ set to appear later in 2019.
Out Now… People Places & Things – Treating Patient B EP (AFAS Records) Cat No: AFAS 004 Format: vinyl, digital