1. Hans Zimmer – “Time”

I love film music in general but the first time I heard this piece from Hans Zimmer it just got me all teared up. The emotion that this piece has is unbelievable. Zimmer is really the king in making emotions with music.
In just one word: “TIMELESS ”

Hans Zimmer – Time (Inception)


2.  Jay Z ft Justin Timberlake – “Heaven”

I am a big fan of hip hop and for sure when these two make a combo. This first loop sounded like The Beatles the first time I heard it, and since I have loved it.


3.  James Blake – “Retrograde”

Just because he’s a boss  …. No need to explain

James Blake 'Retrograde'


4.  Boards Of Canada – “Music is Math”

Boards of Canada will always have a special place in my heart, from the sounds they use to the beats they kick…..just magic

Boards of Canada – Music Is Math


5.   Aphex Twin – “Window Licker”

Apex Twin should always be in a list like this. The video is sick as f**k and still kinda disturbing! Ha ha ha – I love this

Aphex Twin – Window Licker


6.  Chemical Brothers – “Under The Influence”

This just needs to played loud in your car! F**k the first time I heard this I went cray cray!! It got released on their Surrender album and for me one of the best albums they have ever made.

Chemical Brothers – Under the Influence


7. James Brown –  “Papas Got A Brand New Bag”

James Brown is the King of Funk. I was raised listening to this kind of music and he deserves a place in my list …. funk funk and more funk!

JAMES BROWN Papa's Got A Brand New Bag 1967


8. Raymond Scott – “Manhattan Research Inc”

Raymond Scott is kind of the forefather of many electronic genre’s. With this minimalistic music he made many enemies but also gained so much respect and don’t forget this was made in the mid 50 ‘s.

Raymond Scott – Manhattan Research, Inc. (1/7)


9.  Royskopp – “Poor Leno”

Royskopp made some amazing music but this one will always be one that’s close to my heart and once you sing it, it’ll get stuck in your head

Royksopp – Poor Leno


10. Gorillaz – “Empire Ants” ft Little Dragon

When I heard this I thought hmmm kinda lame but then Little Dragon start singing, and damn. A very underrated singer if you ask me….!

Gorillaz – Empire Ants ft. Little Dragon (Official Video)


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