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Rhythm & Sound – w/ The Artists LP

My Absolute all time favorite Album. I don’t think there is any Album I heard more often than this one. And until today, if things are getting hectic, I put on
this album and calm down immediately. The atmosphere is so thick and has this unbelievable soul. Besides that it is also production wise an absolute

Rhythm & Sound with The Artists King in My Empire

Dave Brubeck – Take Five

Vicarious for all the Jazz tunes and albums I love I choose this absolute classic. I always love to come back to this one. Makes my day when put on in the morning. Very simple, catchy and a perfect entrance into Jazz music. I realized that it also works  on dancfloors nowdays, when I closed my first Sonar appearance with it and people went mental.

Dave Brubeck - Take Five


Manuel Göttsching – E2 – E4

A record that was shown to me by a friend and is until now one of my favorite examples for early electronic music experiments. 2 simple Chords
set the base for a 58 Minute Journey. The song’s repetitions and arpeggiators have been highly influential for electronic music and myself.


Avishai Cohen – Continuo LP

This more modern approach to Jazz music has been shown to me by Ricardo Villalobos when we just had met for the first time. It remains one on my favourite albums ever and has been an important source of inspiration. Would be a dream to work with this man one day.

Avishai Cohen - Continuo


Mercedes Sosa – Todo Cambia

I love latin American Music in so many ways, that it is nearly impossible to pick one single Album that i like the most. This specific tune is a special
one for me, as it connects me with my first travels to South America. And this voice.. My gosh, this voice!


Cymande – Cymande LP

Another main influence for me has been Funk. Again, this Album is an vicarious example for all the killer Funk Albums out there. The instrumentation of this one is rather withdrawn and full of ultra groovy percussions. One that everyone should have heard.


Eazy E – Eazy-Duz-It LP

When I grew up, Gangster Rap was the hot shit and until now, nothing can reach to those dope ass beats that Dr. Dre and Yella produced back then. Still love to listen to this album when I am cruising in my imaginary 64.

Eazy E - Nobody Move


Hardfloor – Acperience 1

One of my first Acid – Techno records and represenrtative for my youth in Frankfurt during the high times of Harthouse and EYE-Q Records. This tracks pulls you in, turns your through the lack and spits you out in ecstasy.

Hardfloor - "Acperience 1"


N.Y. Connecttion – In Front / Wan`it

House music was not the dominant factor in Frankfurt during the early 90`s. Most folks was more into Techno – Trance music at that time. Every now and then there was a record that could unite all the different personal tastes and leave a hysteric crowd wherever this track was dropped.

N.Y. Connection - In Front / Wan´it


Lucien-N-Luciano – Blind Behaviour LP

My first contact point with Cadenza Records and Luciano was at a small little festival in the forest right next to my house. Lucien played this unbelievable live performance, presenting this hyper realistic crisp sounds. After his show I started digging  into his sound and this album remained one of my favorites until now.

Lucien–N–Luciano - Madre, Mother & Mère


Frank Heinrich / Reboot – 36 Inch

Released under my real name by accident (it was supposed to be a Reboot EP), this track was the actual beginning of my work as Reboot. Before that, I have always been producing with  a long term friend. At one point I thought it would be time to start something new. So this one will always remain special to me.

Reboot / Frank Heinrich - 36 Inch


Various Artists – Amsterdam Gets Physical 2018 by Reboot (Get Physical Music)

Acclaimed German DJ & producer Reboot takes the reins of the essential next Get Physical compilation, this time focusing on Amsterdam ahead of the famous conference.
Reboot’s innovative house & techno has landed on Get Physical since 2016 in the form of two EPs and one excellent full length offering. Before that he amassed a fine discography of expertly designed, infectious grooves on labels like Cadenza, Defected and Cocoon. In September he releases his next great four tracker, Endis, on the label, and this compilation features six of his superb originals with six of his trademark remixes making up the rest of the tracklist.
Things open up with Reboot’s ‘Krazkil’, a freaky tune filled with alien sounds scuttling over a rubbery drum line, then his remix of Spettro’s ‘Get Tropical’ gets more percussive and tribal with its loose, tumbling toms, and three more remixes of Ramboiage, DJ T. and M.A.N.D.Y. sink into deep house, loopy jazz tinged grooves and scintillating, spaced out tech.
The perfectly balanced mid-section takes in originals ‘Paroxysm’ and ‘Rocbell’ which are wonderfully dreamy house tracks with gorgeously pensive pads, then remixes of Animal Trainer and Pezzner that strip things back to deep, cavernous grooves designed to get lost in. A closing and terrific trio of Reboot tunes keep things spine tinglingly deep and spacious, the last of which is laced with beautiful ambience and drifting spoken word vocals that leave your mind feeling utterly empty and soothed.

Out now… Various Artists – Amsterdam Gets Physical 2018 by Reboot (Get Physical Music) GPMCD198