1. Santana – Soul Sacrifice (Woodstock Live)

love the energy coming out of this performance. Such an incredible drummer and musicians. With the crowd, they re all one. Got it on tape and watched it over and over , mesmerized by the roots tribal vibe.

Santana – Soul Sacrifice 1969 "Woodstock" Live Video HQ


2. Portishead – Numb

Very slow & sensual but so powerful ! the snare is a beauty and Beth Gibbons voice get you in higher spirits !

Numb – Portishead


3. John Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

We re putting on that record when we want to go to the club !!!

Jon Hopkins – "Open Eye Signal" (Official Music Video)


4. Headhunters – Mugic

Favorite song of them. We love the drum and Abstract noise, very organic sounds. Bring you into a very nice kicking space journey.

The Headhunters – 02 – Mugic


5. Noir & Haze – Around (Solomun Vox Remix)

Such a incredible electronic track. Laidback tempo and stabbing vocals. It also got a hypnotic vibe. When this track was released it was totally different from the rest. Solomun high in the sky !

Noir & Haze – Around [Solomun Vox Mix] – NMB037


6. Moodymann – U Ranaway

One of the best intro in deep house. So cool and torn. You can’t fix it in time. Timeless production.

Moodyman – U Ranaway


7. Jeff Buckley – Mojo Pin

Touching artist. Very sensible being, gone too soon. Melancholy that can t leave you without an after

Jeff Buckley – Mojo Pin


8. Funkadelic – Magot Brain

New York memories… Can t describe this song , listen and take the trip

Funkadelic – Maggot Brain [HQ]


9. The Supermen Lovers – Rebirth

Unrated track from this artist. It’s been chasing us in many clubs around the all world during years. The perfect progressive House track to mix with other tunes ! great memories.



10. The Doors – Riders On The Storm

Make us feel that we re all Riders on the Storm.

The Doors – Riders On The Storm (HQ)


Roommates – EP2 (Word Up Records)

Guillaume Atlan’s Paris based Word Up Records welcomes back key label artists and musical freaks Roommates for a standout new EP featuring three originals and a refreshing remix from Fell Reis. Roommates are Spirt and Da Saül, a pair of mysterious entities who are elusive and worldly wise, and together make music full of organic drums and soulful melodies. This is their second EP together and comes four months after their last on the label. It is another fresh statement full of inventive musicality. The enchanting ‘Valhalla’ goes first and is a loose, circling disco track with woozy and trippy synths, percolating rubber drums and a spooky late night charm that really burrows into your brain. ‘Shaman Journey’ is another brilliantly loose and cool affair with warm synths and laid back beats. The percussion falls freely and intoxicating pads and breathy vocals are steamy and romantic. This pair’s new electronic perspective continues throughout ‘Third Eye’ which is another intriguing effort where spacious finger clicks, far off chords and roomy grooves cast a real spell on you. Brazil’s Fell Reis is a DJ and producer who has played all over Ibiza, has had support from Luciano and here flips Valhalla into something totally different, namely a smooth and seductive house cut that really pops. Rubber drums and a busy synth slither around each other and the pressure builds to make for a killer cut that is full of charisma.

Roommates – EP2 (Word Up Records)

Release: 7th November 2016 Cat. No. WUR007