Back To Mine with Rude Audio

1. One Dove – ‘Transient Truth’

Dub meets the Beach Boys, Uptown in one of the great 90s LPs. In this household we prefer Weatherall’s work on this to the stuff he did on Screamadelica

one dove - transient truth

2. Rude Audio ‘Knockemdub’

Woozy, dubby melancholia, with a dash of rave politics

Rude Audio - Knockemdub

3. Spirit ‘Like A Rolling Stone’

Assuming that some individuals are going to be requiring musical solace and cocooning in the wake of the evening’s shenanigans, time for the most gorgeous Bob Dylan cover ever

Like A Rolling Stone

4. The Beach Boys ‘Can’t Wait Too Long’

Repetitious, trance, hypnotic, druggy, never properly released. Sounds like an old Guerrilla white label, but is in actual fact West Coast celestial genius

The Beach Boys - Can't Wait Too Long

5. Cadillac ‘Endless Summer’ (Prince Rama remix)

Droning, repetitious, intense, relentless, gorgeous. A bit like some of your 5am house guests?

Cadillac - Endless Summer (Prince Rama remix)

6. Persian ‘Summer Breeze’

An all back to mine ‘have you heard this?’ classic – the south London ladies’ favourite, where garage and dub collide at 5am, between Vauxhall and the Oval

Persian - Summer Breeze

7. Tronik Youth feat. Justine ‘Always Working’ (Rich Lane Remix)

Newish favourite in our post-shenanigans household – sleazy, low slung filth that needs to be kept away from the children

8. Stereo MCs ‘Connected’ (Future Sound of London remix)

It is impossible to have an all back to mine without raiding some of FSOL’s 12 inch remixes of other peoples’ work from the early-mid 90s – they’re a pinnacle we aspire to

9. Marie Madeleine ‘Love Suicide’ (Acid Arab remix)

We’re a bit obsessed with Arab Melody round these parts – alongside Weatherall’s mix of Emiliana Torrini ‘Speed of Dark’, which is not at all Arab sounding, for what it’s worth, this is our favourite remix from the last 2 years, apart from the life changing Rude Audio remix of ‘Off the Drop’, by the sensational Bedford Falls Players, out soonish

Marie Madeleine - Love Suicide (Acid Arab Remix)

10. Dave Brennan ‘Sapphire Dreams’

Dave (The Rave) is the gorgeous, pouting Rude Audio engineer and he’s been swallowed up by the collective’s love of Arab melodies – this little ditty of his is not only gorgeous but probably low and slow enough to signal that it’s time for bed

Rude Audio get ready to release EP Rudest through Zirkus Records on 7th June.

The band’s latest EP offering, Rudest has the support of radio and club DJs including Don Letts and Andrew Weatherall. With a remix of the single Off The Drop by Bedford Falls Players scheduled for Summer, and a brand new exclusive track secured on the Night Noise compilation in the bag. You can also catch the Rude Audio DJs at their monthly residency Flaxton Ptooth in Kentish Town, and guesting at See My Friends at Forge & Co in Shoreditch on 12th May.