1. Prince – Love To The 9ʼs

Prince is one of my all time favorite artists. This song wasnʼt as well known as some of his others but, I always appreciated his defiance and playfulness, adding a rap that comes out of nowhere! Of course, his arrangements, with horns and guitar are always special and his vocal range is fabulous here!


2. Prince – Adore

I had to sneak to listen to Princeʼs songs when I was a kid, but it was so worth it! This was one song that definitely intensified my young crush on Prince and musically, I was in heaven. He knew how to blend gospel sounds with sexiness like nobody else.

Prince-Adore with lyrics


3. Sarah Vaughn – Lullaby Of Birdland

I first heard this song in high school. My boyfriend at the time was in the jazz band. He introduced me to Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald and a few others. I fell in love with jazz. Looking back, Iʼm sure that was the main reason he came into my life.




4. Mali Music – Heavy Love

This is actually my most played song on my laptop. I love his voice to pieces. And who wouldnʼt want a love like the one he sings about?

Heavy Love Mali Music Lyrics (New 2014)


5. Mary Mary – Get Up

I literally get up when I hear this song…I jump around and definitely get my exercise. I am always motivated and
energized when itʼs on.

Mary Mary Get Up Lyrics


6. Nina Pastori – Hoy Igual Que Ayer

Spain is almost like a second home to me after all these years of singing with Alejandro Sanz. One of my favorite things about Spain is having been able to meet and often enjoy this womanʼs voice! You donʼt hear emotion like this everyday! And she is as sweet as pie. I love her!



7. Buika. La Nave Del Olvido

I discovered Buika in Spain, as well. Iʼve never hear anyone like this super talented woman. For me, she is a mix of Nina Pastori and Anita Baker and something else, from somewhere else. I wrote a song called ʻhoney and liquorʼ and to me, Buikaʼs voice can be described a mixture of those two tasty items!

Buika – La Nave Del Olvido (2013)


8. Aretha Franklin – Oh Me Oh My

I grew up with some of Arethaʼs church recordings. Iʼve loved her since and I always will. I find this song particularly soulful. I like that itʼs lyrically bittersweet. I have strong visuals when I hear this song and I always say that Iʼll sing this somewhere one day.

Aretha Franklin – Oh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)


9. Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me

Iʼve always loved this song but, it makes me blush a little. When it was new I had a super cute boyfriend who used to smile and sing this to me…Ah, memories!

Dave Matthews Band – Crash Into Me


10. Elements Of Life feat. Raul Midon – Cerca De Mi

I often hear this song in my head randomly. I first heard this song while learning to sing it live for a Louie Vega event. And during those times when rehearsal would become long, this song would always lift my spirits.

VR001 Louie Vega Feat. Raul Midon "Cerca De Mi"

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